Thinking of going cardless? Australia Post Digital iD™ will change your life

This post is brought to you by Australia Post

We’re not sure if you can remember, but there used to be a time when you had to carry around… things… from small plastic cards to multiple pieces of paper.

It was a pretty annoying era and, if you can believe it, we even had cords attached to our earphones back then. These were tough times, but we supported one another and got through it.

Now, thanks to the wonders of tech and the innovative thinking of Australia Post, we have Australia Post Digital iD™.

What’s that, you’re prob wondering, as you softly tap at your fancy wireless earbud.

Digital iD™ is a free smartphone app that students can use to get accepted/legit forms of photo ID on their phone.

It allows users to:

  • Pick up a parcel from the Post Office, redirect, or put their mail on hold.

  • Prove their age at venues nationwide*.

  • Verify their identity online.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the app.

  • Verify the details of two identity documents.

  • Take a selfie and get it verified as you!

It’s handy enough for domestic students, but take special note if you’re an international student: with Digital iD™, you can leave your passport at home and don’t have to worry about losing it on a (boozy) night out anymore!

*Digital iD™ is accepted as proof of age to enter licensed venues and purchase alcohol at participating venues in Vic, Tas, Qld, SA, ACT and NT (excluding takeaway alcohol in NT).

Download Digital iD™ now

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