The 501 of Levi’s

Asking ANYONE to let go of jeans, it’s just too cruel to bear! Levi’s agrees, so they made sure that their signature denim is made to last. Just take a stroll through your local thrift store, we guarantee you’ll find 100s of vintage Levi’s that look as good as new! We stan a long-term relationship.

An image Said best by Levi’s global CMO Karen Riley-Grant

This company has made sure to create loved styles while also respecting the planet as mirrored through their mantra “Buy better. Wear longer.” Levi’s are working towards a more sustainable future by ensuring that their materials are sourced ethically, made from higher grade materials and crafted to the highest standards so that they last with you in your tremulous life.

Some ways Levi’s has made eco-conscious living part of their brand are;

Introducing the Water Less initiative in 2011 has allowed them to save 4.2 billion litres and recycle 9.6 billion litres of water 75% of their cotton come from sustainable sources Worker Well-being programs have been rolled out in 65% of their factories

Goals to look forward to!

By 2025; ALL cotton will be sustainably sourced ALL facilities will utilise renewable energy 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions via their supply chain By 2030, 50% water reduction in water-stressed areas By 2020, 80% of products will be made in Worker Well-being facilities

Guilt-free denim is the hottest piece you could have in your edit!

👖Check out our faves from their Water Less range 👖

501 Original Fit Jeans

The one and only - this is the classic pair of denim that every cool girl needs in their wardrobe. Iconic since its birth in 1873, created by the OG Levi Strauss himself, it’s no surprise that this style of jean has been relevant for this long. We don’t see this getting cancelled anytime soon! Featuring a straight leg, high-rise and an overall relaxed fit.

710 Super Skinny Jeans

Controversial, we know. But for those of you who are still about that skinny jean life (no judgement!) you should try these signature pair. Mid-rise, super-flattering and come in a wide range of shades - it’s a yes from us. Staple of the century we think.

High Rise Boyfriends Jeans

Even if you don’t have an S.O., being single is SO underrated, you can pull off the chill vibes that these jeans bring to every ‘fit. Be effortlessly stylish in these loose-fitting and high-rise pair of denim that you can take from morning to night.

Levi’s - good for the planet and for your style conquests. You and our planet deserve the best, from bottom to top. Get your dream pair from ASOS , THE ICONIC , Glue Store or Universal Store, and don’t forget to use our special discounts 😉

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