Swimsuit & Thai [COMP CLOSED]

Pack your bags:

A trip to Thailand could be all yours!

ICYMI: it’s the end of July.

Whoa, that was quick. Bet you’re feeling in desperate need of getting… anywhere outside of your usual 20KM travel radius. Those itchy feet sure as hell aren’t gonna scratch themselves, especially while your feed is a cascade of Greek sunsets, yacht parties, Aperols on the Cinque Terre coastline, and everything else that epitomises a European summer. But don’t cry, we’ve got the antidote – a 10-day vacay to Thailand!

Regrets? Nah.

Intrepid Travel are giving YOU the chance to tell FOMO to fk off. They wanna yank you out of your comfort zone and whisk you away on a 10-day essential southern Thailand getaway that’ll have you forgetting any and all regrets you’ve ever had.

Are you salivating?

Better grab a bib, because you’ll be escaping to the beautiful island of Koh Samui, which is just a day trip away from An Thong Marine National Park, an archipelago of over 40 islands in the gulf of Thailand. HASH. TAG. WOW.

Just waitin’ for a primate

Hold on to your hats (and valuables… and food… and watch your crotch) – you’ll be visiting monkeys that reside in one of the world's oldest jungles: Khao Sok National Park. And let me tell you: they are not shy!

An image

We’re not done yet!

Next stop: Ao Nang Beach, feat. swimming, waterfall-chasing, and kayaking. Too much physical activity for you? Have a cocktail or two, drink in the breathtaking horizon, and get a proper Thai massage by the water. There’s an activity for everyone!

An image

Wondering how you’re going to fit all this into 10 days?

Wonder no more. Check out this itinerary for more info on how you can spend your time – besides frolicking in the ocean, obvs.

You’re prob like, ‘What’s the catch? Do I have to transfer all my savings to a Nigerian Prince?’

Sounds too good to be true, for sure, but there’s no catch! All you need to do is complete the entry form and you’ll be one step closer to Mai Tais under palm trees, a sunburnt nose, and fast and furious Tuk Tuk rides #doitforthegram.

Go on! Do yourself a solid and enter now. It'd be rude not to.

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