SPOTLIGHT: Our Fave 7 Ethical Brands

Want to spend your money without harming the trees around you? Luck must be on your side today, ‘cause you’re in the PERFECT place. We’ve rounded up our favourite top 5 ethical Aussie brands that you should shop with the next time you get that retail therapy urge at 3AM (we get it 😂).

Flora & Fauna

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  • Find everything from makeup and skincare, to vegan chocolate, to handbags - shopping eco-conscious just got EASY
  • Every part of their brand is made to cater to Earth such as being completely vegan, carbon offset, being B Corp certified and giving back to the community such as helping charities like Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary

Lucy & Yak

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  • Buy clothing pieces that are “Responsibly New - Made to last and be loved for generations.”
  • Everything is made from organic, recycled or left-over fabrics
  • The pieces are crafted to be timeless rather than just follow the trend of the week
  • All of their fabrics are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or GRS (Global Recycled Standard) approved
  • They also have the Re:Yak initiative where you can bring back your old pieces, participate in the Re:Yak marketplace, buy “imperfects” at a lower price and you can get your items upcycled at their stores

Merchants Of The Sun

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  • Sleek staple jewellery pieces that don't come at the cost of the world.
  • They’re an ethical lifestyle brand that’s built on the three pillars of;
  • Sustainability - challenging the fashion world itself by closing down IRL stores and working towards making the brand completely zero waste by 2024.
  • Empowerment - devoted to ensuring that customers wear pieces that enable them to be 100% themselves
  • Aesthetics - reflecting their slow-living and sustainable lifestyles in their pieces, eg taking inspiration from their Oceanic origins to integrate symbols of the environment like the Sunwalker ring

Scoop Wholefoods

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  • Ever wished you could be more zero-waste? Try out Scoop Wholefoods for an easy start
  • Bring your own containers, scoop in your produce, weigh and pay!
  • Every product has been chosen because they’re kind to the environment and your health, P.S if you do buy something with packaging DW ‘cause it’s biodegradable or recyclable
  • All the stores are 100% powered by green & carbon energy
  • They also support numerous non-profit organisations and community projects 🌳

Reverse Garbage

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  • These guys have been saving materials from landfill since 1975
  • They make the items available to the public at VERY low prices, host workshops that inspire the community to utilise “waste” in new ways, and Reverse Garbage hold educational workshops that teach school aged kids how to reuse EVERYTHING
  • ✨Circle of life ✨ but for the objects in our lives

I Love Linen

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  • This growing independent business creates luxury bedding that provides a perfect night’s sleep, especially ‘cause everything is made with sustainability in mind
  • 100% recycled packaging, sustainable dyes and they’re OEKO-TEX + SA8000 certified (click here to learn more)

Pod & Parcel

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  • With a motto like “More Taste, Less Waste” you know you’re in good hands
  • Around 120 million pods go to landfills daily stat taken from Craft Coffee Spot which is why these coffee pods are made from 100% natural biomass resin which is biodegradable AND recyclable
  • These tasty beans are also sustainable as they are part of the UTZ & Rainforest Alliance, so you can take care of the planet and the people in it

Continue to Shop Conscious by checking out our ample amount of discounts and blogs that provide endless resources + advice. Taking care of the planet NEVER needs to be a difficult task, not with us by your side at least 😉

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