Sowers power: the sports success story you’ve never heard

The UNiDAYS Student Woman of the Year Award is now open for 2020.

We want to continue empowering female-identifying students to believe in themselves, kick goals, defy expectations, make a difference, and create cool shit. As part of that, we’ll be featuring women who’ve made an impact across a range of fields.

Speaking of fields… meet Katie Sowers.

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Since she was a kid, Katie has loved American football. This lifelong passion has not only led to her representing the US but also to multiple historic achievements in the National Football League (NFL).

Katie is the second woman in history to hold a coaching position in the NFL, the first openly LGBT coach in the league, and the first female coach on the San Francisco 49ers, who competed in the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Despite all the big wins already, Katie still has one more thing left to do.

“I would love to be a head coach. That’s my goal. I’ve been told people aren’t ready for it. And I do think society has a lot of change that needs to be made in terms of the way we see women. But all it takes is one, and then they open the door for so many others.”

Inspired? You can nominate yourself or someone you think is worthy of the Student Woman of the Year Award 2020 here [].

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