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Earthlings, gather around - it’s time to make some smart choices, without all that much thinking. We all know that our planet has been heating up. Like high-key burning up. And with all of the not-so-great lockdowns coupled with the crazy floods and daily rain on me routines - we all want to make some good and conscious decisions. Especially, in our buying ways because let’s face it, it’s something that we do OFTEN. UNiDAYS is here to help you Shop Conscious. Wave bye-bye to overthinking spirals and say heyyyy to ALL of your beloved brands. Time to make you and the Earth MUCH cuter.

While you’re here, we thought we’d let you in on a secret. Actually quite a few. And, they’re not really secrets. Soz for the clickbait. If you scroll down just a bit, you can check out what each of your fave brands are actually doing for the environment. Honesty is the hottest trait around - and we aim to be the best at everything we do 😉 Click away!


We love a beauty glow-up, esp the green type. Sephora has strived to create a more green future by curating the Clean Beauty range. Products are vegan, cruelty free, climate conscious, feature environmentally-friendly packaging and each of the brands involved donate 1% of their profits to a long-term giving program.

Clean Beauty

Adore Beauty

From switching to 100% Green Power in all of their warehouses, to creating clean, vegan and cruelty free products - this brand is committed to sustainability from production to the final product.

Sustainability Journey

Flora and Fauna

Staying true to their motto, Flora and Fauna ensure that every part of their brand is made to cater to Earth such as being completely vegan, carbon offset and being B Corp certified.

B Corp Certified

Proudly Carbon Offset


Forever listening to their amazing customers, THE ICONIC understands the assignment. They’ve created a Considered Range which features eco-conscious fabrics and processes, partnered with the Salvos to make donating your threads easy AF, and have collaborated with AirRobe, making sure that your loved pieces find another home.

Considered Range

Salvos Partnership



Sip, sip - this tea is HOT. Sustainably sourced, 100% environmentally friendly packaging and they’ve been B Corp certified since 2020. What’s not to love?

Explore Planet

Car Next Door

Carbon goes SKRRT! Not kidding, this car sharing company ensures that waste caused by excess manufacturing of cars is avoided and that the emissions created by vehicles are offset, through their partnership with Greenfleet. Need a ride?

The Environmental Impact of Car Sharing

Love exploring the world, but don’t want to harm it in the process? has your back with their sustainable options that cover everything from your flight to the place you wish to stay.

Travel Sustainable


Cool edit essentials are guaranteed with this brand, and so is being sustainable. They make sure that every part of their process is eco-conscious - like having their own hemp farm and being able to track every part of the clothing process.

Hemp Essentials

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