Sephora's new Beauty Insider Community is everything

We know, we know. How epic is this news? Sephora have announced that they're launching their own social media platform for beauty lovers everywhere. Their new loyalty members-only mobile and online platform is called the "Beauty Insider Community" and it's going to be full of beauty recommendations, inspiration and chats so you beauty lovers can get answers to all your burning beauty-related questions!

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You'll have your own public profile where you can update your favorite looks and personal beauty characteristics. You will also be able to review your recent purchases on your profile, get personalised product recommendations from Sephora's beauty experts and promote your own Instagram and YouTube pages. There'll be the option to join a variety of groups that discuss beauty-related topics where you can swap beauty tips in real time. These groups are based on loads of different topics such as sensitive skin or going-out makeup so there'll definitely be a group for everyone.

To top it all off, you'll be able to enrol in free Beauty Classes and check out all of your saved items too. Finally, if you're a beauty stalker on Instagram like myself, you'll be able to check out the 'Gallery' section. This is an interactive photo wall where members can "see and be seen" where you can check out other beauty insider's looks and read their product recommendations. To better connect beauty lovers to people with similar interests, product preferences or personal characteristics, Beauty Insider Community is introducing a new feature called “Beauty Matches,” which filters photos and reviews by people who share similar beauty traits". Sweet, right?

There's more

Sephora have also announced that they will be launching "Live Community Chat" on August 22 "that will allow clients on any given product page to chat with other Sephora customers about their experience with that item before committing to the purchase". How amazing is that? You'll be able to chat to your fellow beauty insiders about that highlighter or lipstick before you fully commit to buying it. So useful!

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