Self Loving For You & The Earth

It’s serving face 💋 in the most earth-lovin’ way OFC. After scouring through the trend lists, which you know we’re constantly refreshing, we’ve come to the conclusion that being green is defs the thing that’s staying around forevermore. ‘Cause what’s cuter than taking care of yourself and the planet? NOTHING, except you (you’re a strong contender).

Gone are the days where eco-conscious beauty products were WAY too exy for their own good, now you can make sure your savings don’t get obliterated while you make some good choices. And we also know that shopping eco-consciously is easier said than done, so we’re putting our mouth where our deals are by breaking down the best brands we have to offer and what they’re doing to help out our collective bestie - the Earth.

Flora & Fauna

We love everything this brand is doing to ensure that the entire process is eco-conscious. Making it easier for you to choose the products you love, while knowing that the world is protected too.

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This organisation ensures that all the products are vegan, ethically sourced, cruelty-free and that everything is encased in plastic-free minimal packaging. They also give back to the community, like donating to animal sanctuaries and working with environmental not-for-profits. From A-Z, Flora & Fauna have all the bases covered - you can find every beauty product under the sun and make sure that we don’t overheat at record speed!

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Oz Hair and Beauty

Do you want the most luxurious locks in the land? And skin softer than the pastel girls taking over TikTok? Then Oz Hair and Beauty is your one-stop shop, and yes, it’s also a lover of the Earth.

Every year, their collection of eco-friendly products expands, ensuring that every customer is able to find their new loves. ‘Cause let’s face it, what’s more powerful than knowing your acts of self-love are not only amazing for you but for the environment as well?

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So, how are they ensuring that you know which products/brands are sustainable or clean? By creating a separate category on their website named Clean Beauty which specifically features products that are cruelty-free, vegan, and uses natural and organic ingredients. Taking the search work out of your eco-conscious journey. If you want to find out even more green brands, Oz Hair and Beauty have a comprehensive list of brands that are certified eco-friendly, click here to find out more! They’re making sure that hair and beauty is empowering for everyone.


We would ask if you’ve heard of this superstar of a brand, but unless you’re part of Patrick Star’s residence - it’s impossible to not know about Sephora! They are truly the fashionista’s holy grail. You’ll be covered from glam to casual cool vibes in their extensive range of beauty products. And we’re SO happy to tell you that Sephora, too, is doing their part to help the Earth become evergreen!

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They recognise that in order to keep running, they must do their part for the community such as introducing a more sustainable manner of production and cleaner products. Keep a look out for their Clean at Sephora seal which indicates that the product is created without a list of ingredients that could be harmful to either you or the environment. Another seal to check out is the Clean + Planet Positive seal which are for their most clean brands adhering to the four sustainability pillars – climate commitments, sustainable sourcing, responsible packaging & environmental giving. And, since they’ve partnered with Terracycle, you can also recycle your old beauty containers at any of their stores!

Earth deserves ALL the self-love in the universe! But that doesn’t mean you don’t either. Keep shopping consciously so that everyone can lead happier and healthier lives. We love that for the planet and you!

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