Savings On Easy Mode

It’s no secret that as students the money side of things is 📉So, we wanted to help out by providing some essential finance tips that’ll help you start the uni year with ease. Big savings OTW!

Budgeting 101

Everything truly does add up; from your late-night skincare purchases (completely necessary) to your seemingly endless mandatory textbooks recs. Don’t let your heart drop at your next monthly bank account check by following these tips:

  • Find out how much you have money you have to work with
  • Estimate expenses; rent, transport, food, bills, leisure, socialising etc.
  • Create your weekly budget by working out your total income per semester, minus your essential expenses (groceries, rent, bills), and divide that by the number of weeks in a semester
  • Now, make your spreadsheet and keep your weekly budget stated at the top - note down every spend as you go!

Don’t be afraid to set goals for yourself - it’ll make you more motivated in the long run.

HELP required!

Degrees are expensive, in case you didn’t know 🤣, and in order to go to uni (relatively stress-free) be sure to apply for a HELP loan. The Higher Education Loan Program will cover all of your uni fees (doesn’t matter what your degree is!) - you can worry about paying it back after you start your amazing career. Check out here to see which one you qualify for!

The hunt is on

Strapped for cash on the daily? Create your resume, cover letter and send it out wherever you can! The more experience in the workforce the better, it’ll give you a leg-up when you’re looking for a job that helps progress your career. Get paid and ready for the real world - what could be better?

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Recycle & Receive

Transform into your most hipster self while you protect the environment and your cash. Buying the things you need secondhand can help you save so much money, and if you’re super lucky you can find some things for free! Join those FB groups where past students want to get rid of textbooks, study notes etc. Also, thrifted furniture and clothing is like 100x cooler - FACTS.

With all of these tips, you won’t have a breakdown every time you have to check your savings account. Save without sacrificing your entire uni experience, take it as you go and never be too hard on yourself. Money isn’t an easy thing to manage especially when you’re still so young. You’ll learn as you go!

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