Much Needed Prep Talk

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COMING SOON; all-nighters and cramming sessions. Get your war paint, your caffeinated drink of choice and stack the textbooks - it’s Study SZN. Grind through these deadlines, get the grades you deserve and then shut off your brain for the rest of the year 🧠

Organise Yourself

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This tip probs sounds like a broken record, but it’s a replayed classic for a reason. Knowing what you have to do makes a big difference to the entire studying process, and it’ll help you avoid at least a few all-nighters. And yes, we’re well aware of how hard being organised actually is, but with a few simple steps you can make this into a new habit.

Everyone has different ways of being organised, so experiment and find out which ways are best for you!

🎅Santa Vibes 🎅

Make a list and check it twice, or three or four times (depending on how good your memory is). Get a diary and begin your listing journey! We also recommend keeping it handwritten if possible, writing things down will make remembering it later much easier!

If you do prefer the digital realm, try out Evernote. The feeling of crossing out tasks? Unbeatable 🤤

Top Of The List

Prioritise and make sure to highlight the most important tasks. After you’re done creating your lists, go back and assess which ones need to be done ASAP. Start off with deadlines, and readings for your next classes. To streamline this, try having a huge wall-sized planner where you can visually illustrate the most important tasks + the due dates.


Deck out your workspace with everything you’ll need to SLAY through this season! Some NEEDS are; post-it notes, a trusty device like a Microsoft Surface, rainbow highlighters and desk accessories like laptop stands, files, table organisers (try Typo!). Who doesn’t love being aesthetically stressed out?

Fashionably Late Is A No

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Time management is so crucial to ensuring that you stay well-rested and that your due dates are all met with hours to spare! We know we’re talking to a lot of procrastinators, but trust us when we say that completing things before the 11:59 AM deadline is a lot better for your racing hearts. Set your due dates earlier in your planners, and trick yourself into finishing them/prepping for them. Colour-code, and make it hella aesthetic so that you’ll want to listen to past you.

Love Yourself

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No sugar-coating, this won’t be a fun time and with all of these exams + assignments coming your way it can become very difficult to maintain a healthy mindset. Just remember, you deserve to create time for yourself. Give yourself breaks, practice mindfulness and don’t feel like you can’t socialise sometimes during this season. And, if you need some extra motivation while studying we recommend trying out Study Together and spice up your regular study routine. Do what makes you happy, while also keeping a healthy balance. You got this, and don’t forget, fun times are right around the corner!!

Hang in there! After this intense deadline period you’ll have all the time in the world, again, to cruise through the holidays and spend countless hours with your mates. Study SZN will be over before you know it 🥳

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