Mental Health Resources

Many of us have struggled with mental health at some point in our lives. If you're currently struggling, know that you're not alone!

With R U OK? Day and World Suicide Prevention Day in the calendar this week, we asked our UNiDAYS Mental Health First Aider, Kate, about some practical ways she keeps her mind healthy. We have also shared some mental health resources and tools that you can trust. Share these with your friends, family and loved ones to help make mental health a regular conversation! Got a recommendation? We'd love to hear it - feel free to DM us on social.

Practical ways to keep your mind healthy with UNiDAYS ANZ Mental Health First Aider - Kate Wareham

1. Tell us about a daily lifestyle habit that helps keep your mind healthy

It has to be walking my little dog, Reese. I do it rain or shine. It's great just to get out & clear my head every morning. I also try & start the day with a personal reflection, writing down something that I am grateful for.

2. Do you recommend any podcasts or apps that focus on mental health?

I regularly use Headspace & the Calm app.

3. How can I help a friend or family member suffering with mental health issues?

Staying connected & talking to them regularly is key, especially with the lockdown conditions heightening things. There are a number of websites that have great resources & techniques to improve mental health that you can point them towards. For example BeyondBlue & Mental Health Australia.

4. What should we do if we're worried about our mental health?

Take a break - ensure you take time out of your day to exercise, clear your head, be present in the moment.

If tasks seem too big to handle, try breaking them down & dealing with the smaller pieces of the issue.

Have a "mental health" check in with yourself

  • Ask yourself, how do you truly feel? Why are you feeling a certain way?
  • Record your mood over a few days & see if there is a pattern.
  • Are you feeling better or worse in the morning compared to the afternoon?

Make a doctors appointment to get on a mental health support programme.

Mental Health Resources and Tools


Batyr - Youth Mental Health

BeyondBlue - Anxiety, Depression and Suicide Prevention

Black Dog Institute - Support Mental Health

Headspace - Mental Health for Youth

Lifeline - 13 11 13 - Crisis Support. Suicide Prevention

MensLine - Men's helpline - Advice, therapy & support

Mindspot - Online Mental Health Screening

Smiling Mind - Meditation Program


Balance - Meditation that adapts to you.

Calm - The #1 App for Meditation & Sleep

Headspace - Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

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