Meet the Mescia Twins

Ashley and Olivia Mescia first shot to social media fame in 2016 across Instagram and YouTube, where they have combined following of over 150 000 fans. The identical twins vlog has amassed a huge following, where the twins share their daily lives, beauty, fashion and lifestyle advice.

The twins have just turned 18, and are currently taking a gap year while they decide what’s next. “We finished high school last year which was exciting, but nervous also. Now we’ve had to get into a new routine and new habits, but it’s been really good.”

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Their advice for current year 12 students is to “remember that everyone is in the same boat and don’t stress as we did! Try and stay organised and on top of things - a lot of people leave things to the last minute which can be a disaster! It’s so much easier said than done though.”

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Ashley and Olivia were in all of the same classes except for one throughout Year 11 and 12. “This was just because we have the same interests. It helped a lot having a sister by your side who was going through the exact same thing as you. For exams we would study together and quiz each other. We’re both very visual, so we can’t just sit there and read over notes. We’d talk to each other instead and feed of each other’s info, and that definitely helped.”

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“We knew since the start of Year 12 that we didn’t want to go straight into uni after school. We had uni in the back of our mind, but school’s can be very pressuring to say you have to go to uni or do a course. We did apply for uni’s, and we got offers also, but we knew deep down that we wanted to have a year off and do the things we loved, and see where that can take us.”

Both Ashley and Olivia agreed that they wanted to ride the wave of their social media presence for now, and were excited to see where that may take them.

Check out their YouTube channel here.

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