Meet the 2021 UNiDAYS Student Woman Of The Year

We caught up with Elizabeth (Libby) Payne, a youth activist committed to achieving gender equality. Libby is a student and activist part of Plan International Australia, she co-authored, ‘A Better Normal: Girls Call for a Revolutionary Reset’, which was presented at the 75th United Nations General Assembly in September 2020.

She's also the co-president of the Women's Collective at Macquarie University and has published works in The Guardian and The Women's Agenda on period poverty.

How does it feel to have won SWOTY 2021?

I feel so honoured to have won! In whatever I do I strive to make the 11 year old me proud, to be the person she would look up to and have the courage to share her voice.

What does winning mean to you and your cause?

This award is not only a reminder to celebrate my achievements, and the achievements of the women that have worked alongside me, but that it is worth it to show up every day and actively create the world I want to live in, one small act at a time.

What are your plans going forward?

I wouldn’t be where I am without Plan International Australia and my team at Macquarie University Women’s Collective so I want to keep building those projects but I would also love to move into a paid full time role in the change making space.

Follow Libby on Instagram @libaaaby

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