Meet Our Woman Crush Wednesday: Hannah Ralton (Supré)

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Hi, my name is Hannah Ralton and I'm the Trend Forecaster at Supré!

A designer and trend forecaster I’ve been working in the fashion industry since the early 2000s. Looking into the future of what we will wear next, my role is exciting, optimistic and allows for large amounts of creativity every day. Working at Supré I have the amazing opportunity to keep my finger on the pulse of all things fashion – what’s new, what’s coming through for the following season - colours, prints, silhouettes, fabrics and customer mindset all being considered. Alongside the very talented and inspiring Supré Buying and Design teams, my role also focuses on styling the look of each trend, translating it for our marketing, ecommerce, visual merchandising teams, influencer partners, social media channels and most importantly, our customer.

To me, fashion is continuously fascinating. It’s not just an expression of self, but a representation of the times in which we live in. With the huge changes across the world, I hope that fashion takes on new meaning. Fashion has a great opportunity to play a role in global movements and I look forward to being involved with the evolution ahead.

If I could leave you with one bit of advice, it would be to find your love and immerse yourself in it – work will never feel like work if it’s your true passion.


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