Meet our Student Woman of the Year: Yasemin. M!

Hey, I'm Yasemin!

I’m a loveable smart-ass wog girl who is way too comfortable talking to strangers. 😋

I have too many pursuits to achieve in one lifetime, but my main passion is to promote supportive conversations around mental health and suicide, to end the stigma, and advocate for justice against racial and social inequality.

I’ve gone through some heavy stuff throughout my life. I’ve tried to take that experience and channel it into giving support to people who don’t really have anyone in their corner and just need help.

When I’m not working and studying, I love travelling, snowboarding, making music, and reading.

What made you want to enter Student Woman of the Year 2020?

To be honest, I didn’t enter on my own accord. I didn’t remember the comp until I received an email that I won?! I was pestered about it by my besties, but I felt way too awkward. Looks like it was sneakily done on my behalf.

How does it feel to have won Student Woman of the Year 2020?

It’s a lovely feeling, so wholesome and sweet. I usually keep my community support work, volunteering, and achievements low-key, but it’s nice to have my efforts recognised. Thank you.

Words you live by?

Get shit done.

(It’s crude, I know! But I hate sitting around complaining about stuff that bothers me, I would rather get up and do something about it!)

Is there anything else you want to raise awareness of?

Lack of resource availability for trauma support, mental health services, and victims of domestic and sexual violence - especially if you’re Indigenous or ethnically diverse. The fact that any of this is a politicised issue is infuriating, resource allocation to essential human needs should be non-negotiable and considered an investment in our community.

I implore students and professionals alike to contribute whatever spare time they have to look up local community services that need help from volunteers and get their hands dirty. A lot of these support services that provide so much help to people in a rough place are in desperate need of volunteers and resources to stay active and actually able to continue offering their services.

People think that they can’t do much, being just one person, but any effort to help out with whatever resources you’ve got genuinely makes a difference. Do it.

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