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Take a peek at the hottest couple strutting through the streets. We are high-key shipping you and the planet - just make sure you're not in a toxic relo. Need we remind you? Earth does a lot for you, like letting you live your best life, stay grounded and stay alive. So, why not take some simple steps to make sure you give something back to your better half without sacrificing your unique self? THE ICONIC can help out with that, especially with their recently curated considered range, and their AirRobe and Salvos collabs. From eco-conscious products to secondhand goodness, you’ll have no excuse to not start taking care of your home more!

Considered Range

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Curated lists are truly the best thing around, everything sorted into neat little informative categories?!? 🤤 10/10 indeed. This edit consists of products that are made using at least one material or specific process that either benefits humans, animals, the environment or the community (some help all four!).

Sustainability expands over a wide range of issues, so THE ICONIC has ensured that you can be aware of how the items you choose help specific parts of our community. The products in this edit fall into the six categories of; sustainable materials, eco-production, fair production, animal-friendly, community engagement, clean beauty and circular by design. Which you can find out more about by clicking here.

It’s the season to pull a 180 on your sustainable way of shopping. Gone are the days where eco-conscious products are placed at super high price points and have no info surrounding the process. Be informed, protect your savings and keep your aesthetic as fun as you!


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Worn your fave outfits 1000 times, and now you have nothing to wear? The Considered edit can take care of the second problem, let AirRobe help you with the first. Your precious items that you no longer want or need can now enjoy a new life. #glowuptime! With just a tap on your phone you can make your pre-loved goods available ASAP to rent, recycle or sell again. Come out of the closet in the most earth-friendly and bank account-lovin’ way!


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As Elton John exclaimed “it’s the circle of life, and it moves us alllll” - you get the point, life is a cycle. And your clothes are no different. They start out as a roll of fabric, then they’re cut, sewn, strutted in, shot, posted to your door and then worn by you. But that’s not the end of the cycle, in fact that was more of a line, after you wear them where do they go? Well, unless you donate or sell them, they go straight to landfill.

THE ICONIC have partnered with Salvos Stores and Auspost to try and combat clothing waste. After you decide that you no longer want some clothing, you’ll be provided with a pre-paid postage label, and all you have to do is send it away! You can rest easy knowing that your previously adored clothes will go to people who really need them.

The glow-up of the season goes to the hottest one around; Earth! Being eco-conscious can be daunting at first, but keep trying your best to create these changes in your life. It all adds up!

UNiDAYS is here to help you Shop Conscious. To learn more about THE ICONIC and their various projects, click here to find out about everything in detail.

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