I spend over an hour & 15 mins a week on THE ICONIC app. Here’s why.

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Hi, my name is An and I’m a serial window shopper. 👋

I’m the type that’ll plan to go shopping, forget to eat beforehand, end up eating way too much in the food court and get too lazy to try anything on. Which means I’ll probably spend the next three hours in the shopping centre walking from store to store, repeating “I’m good, thanks” to the salespeople and browsing the endless racks of clothes and forgetting what I actually came there to buy.

Which is why I spend over an hour on THE ICONIC app every week. It lets me search for what I actually want, get some outfit inspo and I know I can always grab an outfit for the weekend when I remember I have Saturday night plans on a Thursday morning.

Here’s why THE ICONIC app is in my top 10 apps every week.

So many brands

From underwear brands to jewellery to denim to shoes - they’ve got over 1000 brands. I had never heard of some brands like Dazie, By Charlotte , Atmos&Here and Spurr , but these are now amongst my favs. The best part about them carrying heaps of brands is that their delivery and service is unrivaled so you don’t even want to shop around.

Get things ASAP

If you ever get the “I need it, and I need it now” feeling from seeing a style or item, it’s either a blessing or a curse that you can get your hands on it with 3 hour delivery. For example, when yellow sunglasses were THE accessory to get, I desperately needed them to complete a weekend outfit but once I got them, I realised I hated my vision being yellow (who would’ve thought, right??) so I just got another pair of Ray Bans instead. All in the same day!

Free returns

Here’s a pro tip; when you get your delivery, don’t rip into it like a newborn alien escaping from a chest, instead use the perforated bottom to unzip your goodies in case you need to reseal them and send them back (looking at you, yellow sunnies). THE ICONIC pay for your returns so if you don't suit something or ordered the wrong size, just pop it back in the bag, send it off and get a refund within 30 days.

Save $25 off your first order

If you haven’t experienced shopping on THE ICONIC yet, they’ve got an amazing welcome offer where you can save $25 off selected full priced items (minimum spend $99). Shop through UNiDAYS with THE ICONIC and you're all set to save on a new outfit with that discount. Go on, treat yourself - you deserve it.

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Ready to start saving on your first order? Head to THE ICONIC by clicking the discount above.

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