How to Write Better

How to Write Better

Whenever you return from holidays, your brain is usually lagging a fortnight behind. Your handwriting sucks, your focus is off, and writing, that evil thing we all have to do so much of, doesn’t come easy.

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Jasmine, Copywriter at Hello Molly (pictured above), recently shared some writing tips on the brand’s LinkedIn account, and we’ve thrown a couple of those together, so you won’t feel as alone or blocked next time you’ve gotta get those words out!

While Jasmine respects structure and guidelines, she’s also a fan of getting creative and regularly jotting down her thoughts (yes, like everything else, practice makes perfect when it comes to the written word).

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“As cliché as it sounds, keeping a diary to document my experiences was the best piece of advice my mother gave to me,” Jasmine says.

“Keeping a travel diary gives you the chance to hone your creative skills on your own terms. I made it my goal to journal my experiences as frequently as possible to better my practical writing skills.”

The other tip: mix it up and grow your vocab.

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During the most hectic retail times, Jasmine sometimes has to write up to 130 product descriptions per day! Whether it’s product deets or assignments, things can get stale and repetitive, which is why Jasmine recommends a word bank.

“All you have to do is collate the words you use the most, get a trusty online thesaurus and select the corresponding verb, adjective or noun that successfully exemplifies the message and tone you want to convey in your writing,” she says.

Let us know how you go!

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