How to throw your own 2000s themed bday party

Drizzy Drake just celebrated his 32nd birthday party by throwing a huge 2000s themed bash featuring a big Blockbuster video wall, Slurpee machines, a “Rap City” booth, and a recreation of the “106 & Park” set.

While his 2000s were the prime of his teenage and Degrassi years, many of us were still livin' it up in Macca's parties and having backyard water fights in the Summer. Here are some key items you need for a killer throwback party. Soz, we won't be raffling off any Chanel bags here.

The Food

Fairy Bread

Classic. Iconic. Phenomenal. A staple.

Party Pies

Eat these burning hot for extra nostalgia.


Key lime is the best cordial, try to change my mind. An image

Image source: Woolworths


Serve straight from the finger tips.


Pick up one of these bad boys if you're feeling lazy (cause that's defs what Mum did). An image

Image source: Peters

Or channel your inner Martha Stewart and create this masterpiece.

An image

Image source: loopygirl via Flikr


So Fresh

Truly curated to perfection every season.

Party Games

Jumping Castles

There was always one kid that threw up on these. Let's hope it's not you.

Water Balloons

A Summer essential.

Musical Chairs

Sh*t gets intense.

Pass the Parcel

The Extras

Party bags

Ain't no party like a party bag party, 'cause a party bag party don't stop.

Hero Image credit: wordonrd via Instagram

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