How to play Pick 'n' Win

Want to know how you can play Pick 'n' Win? Here's how:

Not logged in and played Pick 'n' Win?

You don't have to be logged in to play, but in order to claim your prize you will need to be logged in or registered. If you've received a pop up saying that you've won a prize, it will prompt you to login or register to claim your prize.

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Registered but not verified with UNiDAYS when you win?

If you've registered, but haven't gotten round to verifying your account yet, you will see this pop up appear when you win prompting you to verify your account. Remember, you will need to be logged in to see this message. If your prize vanishes when you verify your account, fear not! The prize will be emailed to your UNiDAYS email address too!

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Already verified and logged in?

If you're logged in, verified and win you will see this pop up appear showing your prize code! Don't forget to claim your prize within 3 hours of winning otherwise you will lose it!

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Terms and conditions

  1. Pick 'n' Win game is hosted by My UNiDAYS ltd.
  2. Pick 'n' Win will be live from 28th March 2017 (01:00 AEDT time) - 31st March 2017 (00:00 AEDT time).
  3. UNiDAYS reserve the right to end the game at any point, which may be before or after 30th March 2017.
  4. To enter the game, players do not need to be logged into the UNiDAYS account.
  5. To claim their prize/discount players must be logged in to their UNiDAYS account and be a verified user to redeem.
  6. One play per person per day however players may play again if the game is shared via the player's personal social media channel(s).
  7. Players, once logged in, will receive their discount code via an onsite pop-up (instantly) and it will also be emailed to the address verified with UNiDAYS.
  8. This is not a game of chance - all verified UNiDAYS players will receive a prize/discount code.
  9. The game is free to play to all users.
  10. There is one unique 100% code to be won. This code can only be redeemed on a maximum basket value of $100.

Good luck!

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