How To Look Bangin’ For Less At Your Next Festival

Festival tickets nowadays are nearing the same cost as a return international flight. Throw in booze, transport and an outfit and living your best festi-life can become a very costly exercise. But what if I told you it’s possible to look stunning as hell for not a lot of cash? You’ll no doubt produce some fire Insta content for the fans and you won’t be spending a fortune.

If you want to fast track to the UNiDAYS discounts, check out our offers on for festival-friendly brands here. Otherwise, we’ve got some sneaky tips on how you can get gram-worthy without spending your entire shift’s pay.

Match It Up

If all you can really afford is a tacky, cheap as heck oversized button up, fear not, lads. There’s nothing more legendary than seeing a tribe of festival goers sporting the same, semi-cringe get-up and owning the shit out of it. Breathe new life into the striped button up trend that dominated this year’s festival scene and throw on a Hawaiian inspired pattern, or go for polka dots. When it comes to patterns, your options are limitless my friends. Take a squiz at Cotton On and grab your discount for sweet deals on even sweeter outfits.

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Source: Fick Manning via Facebook

Your crew will have that matching vibe, and you’ll definitely stand out.


This is for all the guys and girls out there that are somewhat inexperienced in the accessory department. The accessory game is such a brilliant area to get creative, but can often result in extra money forked out for belts, hats, overpriced and oversized statement earrings or backpacks that you’ll probably never use again. Money truly wasted. But fear not, friends. A nice trendy bandana can be a sneaky bargain (check out Supre and Factorie for them and use your UNiDAYS account for extra saving$).

And remember it doesn’t have to be worn exclusively around your forehead. Tie it around your wrist, bumbag, drape it out of a pocket slightly or throw it around your neck.

Statement Sunnies

You could be wearing the world’s most basic outfit, but as soon as you throw on a pair of statement sunnies, you’ll instantly launch to festival-bangin’ status. It’s best to probably not bring that $300 pair of Persols to Groovin, but having sunnies that say something without costing a fortune is a win.

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Pickup an under-$50-pair from one of your regular retailers, and grab something that is a bit more standout. You’re only wearing it for one day (or a few festivals), so you can go with the Tortoise-Shell Cateye pair, or snap up the my-Grandparent’s-old-spectacles pair (which is definitely having a massive revival).

Do It Ya’Self

Okay, this one’s for all the ladies (and possibly gents) out there that are paying upwards of $100 for a top they could probably make themselves. Check out Spotlight or Lindcraft, or even old pieces in your wardrobe and choose a fabric or pattern you like. Get a decent sized bit of material, cut into a small triangle and tie it around your top half - or layer it on a simple top. Totally on trend and absolutely a fraction of the cost of more pricey items.

Choose a fun pattern or keep it simple with block colours and slayyyy, girl.

Glitter & Body Paint (Obviously)

No festival outfit is complete without the obligatory splash of glitter. There really are no rules when it comes to glitter and body paint. Get all Picasso and you’ll glow all the way through the night. Once the sun goes down, flash photos will have you looking like a glittered-up Insta King/Queen.

Art shops are also selling ethical biodegradable glitter now, so you can look gorgeous and help contribute to a better environment (look at you go). Oh, and less is boring, kids. Go big or go home.

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