How to dress like a local on holiday

It’s the uniform of travelling tragics the world over: fisherman pants, faded Nike t-shirt (that may have, at one stage, belonged to your older brother or ex-boyf) and a pair of questionable footwear (despite their practicality and ease of wear, Crocs are never acceptable. Never.). Sure it’s comfortable, and you don’t have to deal with the ‘What am I gonna wear???’ rigmarole when you blearily roll out of your hostel bed after a night on the town. But it makes you look like a mega tourist. And that backpack emblazoned with ‘flags of the world’ patches isn’t helping either.

We love a hand-knitted rainbow beanie and matching poncho from Peru as much as the next person, but GUYS, we can do better. Here’s how to pack like pro and look like a stylin’ babe wherever you go:

Basically, less is more

See what we did there? Get back to basics: plain colours, simple tees, natural fibres (say no to sweaty nylon) and your fave denim jeans. Pack things that match other things and work well together and you’ll end up looking effortlessly cool and stylish (hopefully). Hot tip: you’ll never go wrong with a plain black or white T.

Don’t wear it at home? Don’t pack it

If you’re not the cargo pant-wearing type back home, chances are you probably won’t wear them when you’re on the road. Dress like you would in your own city – keeping cultural differences and sensitivities in mind (we’re looking at you, butt-exposing denim short shorts). Travelling doesn’t mean you need to splash out on a brand new travelling wardrobe, unless you’re headed to Antarctica or on a Himalayan trek, in which case you’ll probably need to invest in some good boots and lot of polar fleece.

A-dress the issue

That was a pretty bad sub-heading, sorry. But really, a dress is your best friend when you’re travelling to warmer climes. They’re small (mostly), versatile (mostly), and if you’re packing with Point 1 in mind, they’re a basic, all-in-one look that, well, looks good. Stick with one or two that aren’t too short or reveal too much cleavage (sorry to sound like your mum), pair with leggings or a light scarf, and whoomp, there it is: a classic, cool look.

Find your feet

We’ve addressed the Crocs thing already, but the same goes for ugly white Seinfeld sneakers. Comfort is key, so aim for lightweight sneaks (Converse and Keds are good options) or a more durable running shoe if you’re doing a lot of walking. A pair of sandals (Saltwaters or Birkenstocks tick ALL the boxes) are comfy night-time options. But never with socks.

Bag that!

Backpacks are cool. Daypacks are even cooler. They’re convenient, have heaps of pockets (who needs cargo pants??), and they leave your hands free to do more important things, like eat ice cream and pat cats. Fill your pack with all your daytime essentials: water bottle, Kindle, camera, cash.

Pretty easy, hey?  And not an ugly rubber shoe in sight.

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