How Gen Z can create #BalanceForBetter

According to the experts, 64 percent of Gen Z believe a key issue of our time is addressing gender inequality. We grew up knowing (and benefiting from) the Women’s rights movements of the past; we can vote, own property, get an education and choose whether we want to bear children. But this year's International Women's Day theme speaks so closely to what I think our generation strives for: balance.

In the words of the IWD campaign; ‘The race is on for the gender-balanced boardroom, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender-balance of employees, more gender-balance in wealth, gender-balanced sports coverage …’. Gen Z know that balance is not just a women’s issue as it's an issue of humanity, but we also recognise the importance of empowering women and young girls to speak their truth and know they will be heard.

The brands we love also know what issues are important to us and it’s amazing to see it represented in stores, on websites and on the clothes we wear.

Many brands are championing women's rights, but Supré are absolutely nailing it with their new campaign; the Power Project. The campaign is inspiring conversations to generate change by giving 12 female artists the platform to share thought-provoking and inspiring work through their own mediums of dance, writing, photography and design. Messages like “own your power” and “we are all perfectly imperfect” run through the Project's manifesto and can be seen in the artists’ works.

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These are also being translated onto merchandise available for a limited time! A range of limited edition International Women’s Day tees will be sold with 10% of every purchase going towards Supre Foundation. They also have tote bags, mints and tissues with limited edition IWD designs, and all of the proceeds from these items are donated to the Foundation- check out the whole range here. The Foundation supports girls locally and globally - their most recent projects include providing sanitary packs to young girls in South Africa and normalising conversations around sexuality and bullying through their Bullying. So Not Ok booklets in ANZ stores. We're proud to continue to support their work!

You can learn more about the Power Project here, or get a free zine in your next online order while stocks last.

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Gen Z & #BalaceForBetter

We’re already in the mindset to strive for balance and gender equality; we were fortunate to grow up in a society that was already churning this wheel for change and it doesn’t stop with us. Change doesn’t happen overnight either but it starts with us being empowered to know that our voices are heard.

Whether it’s attending a rally, writing to your local government, using your right to vote, supporting brands that support us or treating ourselves and our peers with equal respect, we can all make a change together.

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