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No more boring timetables or uniforms (you can FINALLY wear whatever you want!) ‘cause you made it through the final year of high school 👏👏 Now it's time to start making decisions about your next steps in life. We love freedom, BUT it’s important to recognise that having the power to make all of these choices can become very overwhelming very quickly, and that’s where UNiDAYS + Red Frogs come in. If you’ve gone to Schoolies, music festivals or even skate parks, you’ve probably seen their volunteers there, but we thought we’d give you the sparknotes rundown on who Red Frogs are and what they do for young people across Australia. You’re going to be LEAPING for them in no time.

Who Are They?

Red Frogs is one of the largest harm minimisation programs created for the younger generation in Australia, to ensure that our party culture becomes safer everyday. They assist in making sure young people feel safe in every sort of party environment, such as helping young people walk back home, supplying breakfast, distributing Red Frog lollies, providing cups of water, keeping the helpline active and giving immediate help when required. Red Frogs hopes that young people will strive to make positive life choices through their education programs, be part of an empowering peer support network and become advocates of change within their own communities

How It All Began

Safeguarding our next generation of entrepreneurs, parents, teachers, doctors, artists is crucial to the wellbeing of our world. And, in order to achieve that, we need to make sure that people aged 13-30 are educated about the realities of our world, specifically in regards to alcohol-and drug-related issues. These issues, if not prevented, lead to major effects in the younger generation such as detrimental mental health and relationship breakdowns. In order to prevent these not-so-flash outcomes, Boss Frog (aka Red Frogs Founder Andy Gourley) hit Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast in 1997 with a goal to support young people and keep them safe. Since then, Red Frogs has rallied thousands of volunteers to support over 1.4 million Aussies across high schools, sports, festivals and, of course, universities!

Have a look at these impressive stats!

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So, how can you connect with the Red Frogs?

Well first things first, you can find the Red Frogs in over 140 student residential colleges across 24 universities in Australia. You can also find them in the Uni space all over the world. So, students flying out for exchange, keep an eye out for the Red Frogs in the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Canada!

Red Frogs are there ALL semester! Handing out water at university parties, wall planners at O Week, hosting cafe crawls around the city, completing college leadership and fresher training sessions, cooking up pancake feasts at different residential colleges and more. If you’re wanting to connect with the Red Frogs you can DM them on Instagram @redfrogsau or you can book them online here HOP into uni life with the Red Frogs by your side.

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