Holiday planning has never been easier with this app

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You’ve picked your destination and you have your flights booked. Now what?

There are heaps of pros to planning your own itinerary: you don’t have to deal with tour buses, you can explore off the beaten track, and you have the power to pick and choose what you want to experience on your trip.

The only con is that it can get overwhelming when you’re starting your plan. You’ve got to consider what a “must-have” experience is, what you can skip, and how to get tickets to any and all attractions or destinations. It gets more stressful if you don’t speak the native language btw!

Here’s what I recommend you do to make planning your holiday seamless.

1. Download the Klook app

The Klook app has everything you need to decide where you want to go, what you want to do, and how to do it. In other words, it means you won’t have to panic-join an overpriced ‘city pub crawl’, led by a shady guy in cargo shorts and a soccer jersey.

Once you pick the destination, Klook can tell you everything you need to know, like:

  • Popular activities;
  • Suggestions on your budget;
  • Info about the local area and climate;
  • Customer reviews on activities, restaurants, hotels, tickets for transport… and even local WiFi and SIM card options!

So, like, everything.

Download the Klook app

2. Shortlist your Activities

Once you’ve got the app, you can browse activities to do and favourite the ones you’re interested in. I always recommend putting together a list of activities you’d want to do before you pick your accommodation, so you can make sure you’re not staying too far away from the action.

An image

Keen on Universal Studios in Singapore? Get a 1 day ticket with Klook.

3. Select your hotel

You can browse and get discounts on hotels within Klook, which means you don’t have to stay above the hostel bar unless you rly want to. Once you find a place, you simply copy the rebate code and book through either Agoda or You’ll receive Klook credits after you check out, which can be used on your next holiday or activity.

4. Getting from A to B

Depending on where you’re going, taxis or rideshare spending adds up. On the other hand, catching public transport in a foreign country is a stressful/frantic/amusing experience that’s totally worth it and a key part of visiting and discovering a new place. Klook offers rail passes for Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Vietnam, and China, as well as heaps of handy tips on their blog for navigating the local rail systems.

An image

Tokyo Skyliner Ticket: Get from the Narita Airport to downtown Tokyo in just 41mins, reserve your seat and get your ticket confirmation with Klook.

5. Book your activities

You can book all of your activities in advance, on-the-go, and pay in your local currency (immediate confirmation ✔ no need to carry cash around ✔). Plus, to ensure you don't look like an elderly traveller with papers crammed into every pocket, Klook stores all your passes, so you don’t need to print anything out. On the day, you can just pull out the app and get your e-ticket scanned! Easy peasy.

6. Stay connected

Roaming fees in a foreign country are the silent killer. Instead of rushing off the plane like it’s The Amazing Race and heading straight to the nearest WIFI or SIM card provider, purchase your internet and phone needs from Klook before you depart. You can select the length of time you’ll need a device or card for and be given instructions on where to pick it up from the airport.

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