Gotta Be Afends

THIS brand deserves a moment. AFENDS is giving Mortal Kombat K.O. vibes with how HARD they’re slaying the sleek, minimalism look. They’ve taken the classic tee + jeans combo to the next level with their unique visuals and statement silhouettes. How could they get better TBH? Well, you’re gonna want to be sat for these revelations.

AFENDS is here to help you transform into style royalty + help out the world (including the people in it). Sounds like big claims, we know, but they’re as real as they come. They’re a no BS kinda brand throughout the entire process - from creation to final production. Who doesn’t love actual transparency?

AFENDS’ Green Affair

All of their amazingly iconic pieces are first of all - so cute! Have you seen their collections? They love putting a retro flair into every design they release, from 70s-inspired floral prints to grunge 80s style graphics - it’s everything your capsule wardrobe could ever need! And, everything they make is created from 100% sustainable fabrics. Hemp, organic cotton and recycled fibres - all your faves are here. It’s what you and the world deserves 💅


If the tea has no receipts or screenshots - did it really happen? TBH, not really. You’re in luck though, because AFENDS got receipts for DAYS! You know that pure feeling of when you get that clothing haul (that you definitely needed at 3am, the night before your assignment is due), and you receive that tracking number? Then you’re stuck refreshing your page hourly for days, until it finally arrives. We all love being a tad nosy and making sure we know what’s happening to what we bought.

AFENDS know this, and have shared the journey of their denim range as part of their collab with Retraced. Now, you can track your pair of jeans from the initial choice of material to the finished product. Retraced helps AFENDS remain transparent by breaking down the actual process. This is done by mapping out the supply chain as well as the sustainability practices that are being utilised. Sustainability just got easier and cuter. All you have to do is click on the product you want to check out, and you’ll be able to see exactly how it got made. Stay tuned as AFENDS make all of their pieces part of the Retraced way.

To make this brand EVEN cooler, which honestly shouldn’t be possible at this point, they started their cottage-core dreamlife. That’s right they LITERALLY grew their first hemp crop. Talk about a grow-up (we know where the door is). AFENDS, on a hemp high, decided to purchase 100 acres of farmland called Sleepy Hollow and they’ve finally had their first crop! Not the top, like the actual greenery they can use to make those said tops. So, you can be rest assured that honesty & transparency is at the forefront of their brand. Check out this video to find out more about their hemp crop & if you want to find out even more about this special fibre and its benefits - you’re in luck. AFENDS have just released their in-depth documentary called “Weed Need Change” - gotta keep the knowledge rolling. Come along and join this tremulous ride as they show you everything you need to know. From the infinite number of benefits it holds, to how detrimental the dated ideas that surround hemp are, to how the actual fibre is harvested. We love being aware of what we’re actually wearing 🤓

UNiDAYS is here to help you Shop Conscious. To learn more about AFENDS, go to to find out about their collections and what they’re doing for the world.

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