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Christmas can't come soon enough. I've been severely lacking in gadgets this year so I've written to Santa (and CC'ed in my Mum and Dad) with my Tech Christmas List. I've been a little optimistic but one must be allowed to dream!

Santa pls

It's a first world problem but nowadays there's very little tech-wise that we don't already have. With that in mind I've thought about some items that are a little more left-field but still within a reasonable price frame...

Nintendo Classic Mini (coming soon, estimated $85.00)

I absolutely must have this device. It contains all of my favourite NES games but with the added benefit you can now save your progress. There was nothing more cruel than losing your final life and having to start the entire game again. This re-imaging of the original console is a little less barbaric thankfully. The key games are: All the Marios, Zelda and Double Dragon 2 (although there's many more). If Santa could stretch a little further I'd say pop a spare controller in a stocking for me too.

HP EliteDisplay 14 USB Portable Monitor $270.00

An amazing monitor if you need to work or play games around a friends house and need a second monitor. This monitor just plugs directly into your USB port giving you twice as much desktop space!

An image

HP Roar Speaker $69.00

This is an excellent little bluetooth speaker that unlike the Amazon Echo, is completely portable. It's perfect for playing music whilst studying outdoors or just chilling out with friends in the garden. For under $70.00 it represents excellent value for money too! Surely this needs to just be bought now?

Do you really love me Santa?

Ah now Santa, these presents are bordering upon the obscene but with up to 40% off with UNiDAYS, maybe they're not that obscene after all?

HP Envy Curved $4000.00

This all in one machine is rather beastly but it satisfies all my workstation needs. I currently use two screens but the division between the two screens always annoys me, it results in you looking at one screen then turning your head slightly to look at the next. Generally you find that you prefer one screen over the other but because you have the two, neither are centre on the desk. This causes neck and upper spine problems eventually. Try writing a thesis through the night with your head turned slightly to the side. Not cool.

The Envy curved gives you the benefit of two screens in one gigantic package!

An image

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 $1350.00

Having owned the Surface Pro 2 and 3 I think I am now due the 4th. Once I purchased a Surface Pro and began to take notes in classes and seminars using the pen that it comes with; I knew I could never go back. There's nothing like taking hand written notes but those reams of paper and notebooks you fill up will never be looked at again. If you are anything like me, they end up in boxes and drawers that I never check but am afraid to throw away, just in case. It also doubles up as a really cool way of creating hand written presentations too!

The Macbook Pro $2,700.00

This is probably the device I need the most right now. The latest Macbook combines absolute beauty with power and ingenuity. There's been questions raised around the new Touch Bar but I think it will be deceptively once developers begin to take advantage of it. Even without the touch bar, the Macbook represents such splendid quality that's it's impossible to deny.

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