Gecko is changing the way students save and make money

You’ve heard of Uber and Airbnb, but did you know there’s a marketplace where you can share your unused items, furniture, electronics and more with the people around you? Gecko is an online marketplace dedicated to saving you cash and helping you reduce your environmental footprint. You can rent items you need for a day, or list your own items to help you earn a little extra income. These companies fall under the concept of the “sharing economy”, where a community shares their goods or services with others, and Ben, the founder of Gecko, believes this is the way forward.

"The sharing economy is such a growing industry... globally, it's going to get to 532 billion dollars. [The benefits of the sharing economy is] about creating that community of like-minded people around you."

Ben started Gecko when he was in his final year of uni. He identified a need from students who wanted to use expensive, or one-off equipment but couldn't afford it, or didn't want to create unnecessary waste. When considering the environmental impacts and opportunity for users to reduce their environmental footprint, Ben believes in making Gecko super easy and accessible so that it's a no brainer!

So how can you earn money?

By creating a Gecko account, you can list your unused items from chairs to DJ sets, speakers, camera equipment and miscellaneous items like drill sets. Other Gecko users will rent this out for a fixed cost per day and the earnings will go straight to you! It’s a great way to make your belongings work for you, and earn a little extra money on the side.

Get started with Gecko today

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The beauty of using Gecko is that you can make money on it by renting out your stuff, but you can also save money by renting items you might need as well. This opens up so many possibilities when it comes to planning an event, or even if you want to try out a hobby like photography, without having to purchase an expensive camera off the bat.

Events where renting is better than buying:

Karaoke Night

Make the next karaoke night with your loved ones one to remember by renting out a karoke machine that comes with all the latest songs, two mics and a massive speaker. Get your ballads ready!


Need some equipment for your photography assignment or content creation project? Check out the wide range of cameras, audio equipment and accessories available on Gecko which will add that touch of professionalism to your project, without the need to drop thousands on a fresh set up.


There’s nothing quite like getting out of the city, out into nature and embracing warm summer nights under the stars. But let’s be real. How many times a year would you go? If you’re not a frequent camper, renting a tent, sleeping mat or even a fire pit is probably your best bet if you don’t want the camping gear to collect dust in your parents’ garage.

Brithdays and Parties

The current global sitch might mean that you'd rather stay inside or hang at a friends place than head out into a crowded bar or club (if they're even open in your area!) so why not rent out some DJ decks, party lights and speakers from Gecko to make your next bday bash or event one to remember? Check out the range of birthday and event equipment here and start planning! 🎉


Yep, you can turn to Gecko for your Halloween costume needs when the night of the 31st October rolls around because let’s face it, how often would you re-wear the same costume? Check out the range here.

Want to hear more from Gecko's founder?

Keep an eye out for episode 27 (to be released 1st October 2020) of The BuZZ by UNiDAYS Podcast where our hosts Shannon and An interview Ben Kennedy on how he founded Gecko as a Uni student and any advice he has for budding entrepreneurs. Listen here.

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