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Let that spotlight SHINE, ‘cause we’re making sure to highlight the dark horses of UNiDAYS here. We have SO many amazing brands, it’s only natural that you don’t have the time to scroll through all of them - cue this blog.

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Maybe you’ve recently finished bingeing Emily In Paris and want your French to be better than Emily’s or perhaps you’ve just heard of BTS and really want to know what they’re saying - whatever the reason may be, Lingopie’s here for you!

Learn any of NINE languages by watching REAL TV shows + movies with subs, and then review flashcards after to see what you need to learn next! How could it be any better?


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What’s one word that brings ABSOLUTE dread? Textbooks. Let’s lighten the load by making sure all of your texts are available online 24/7 via a digital library.

Once you’ve subbed to this service, you’ll have access to over 1 MILLION academic & non-fiction titles. You're bound to find what you need!


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Remember the original MVP Sparknotes? What if we told you it gets even better? Introducing getAbstract; they summarise everything from books and articles to videos, giving you more time to actually write the essay due at midnight, and procrastinate without the worrying of failing! The toughest part of uni is done for you.


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Tired of your current playlist, but need to get in the study zone? Switch to Deezer, a music streaming platform where you can access ANYTHING audio - from podcasts to over 90 million tracks! Explore and find all of your newly favourite indie tracks that NO ONE except you will know - we love some healthy gatekeeping.

Now you know TOP SECRET info, so we hope you use it for good and double-tap on your fave new brands via the UNiDAYS app (it'll keep you updated on every sale & offer). Happy discovering!

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