FAQs: Mosmann swimwear competition

Thinking of entering the Mosmann swimwear design competition? Awesome! Check out some more info below to make sure you’re super clued up before submitting your design.

Can anyone enter? How do I know if I’m eligible?

Anyone can enter this competition as long as they are:

  • A student living in Australia or New Zealand
  • A verified member of UNiDAYS
  • Over 18 years old.
  • To find out if you’re verified, check the ‘student status’ section of your UNiDAYS account. If your status reads ‘Verified student’ then you’re good to go, baby.
  • If not, follow the simple instructions to verify your account.
  • For the full eligibility criteria, check out the terms and conditions.

Do I have to be a UNiDAYS member?

To enter this competition, you do have to be a verified UNiDAYS member. Don’t worry if you’re graduating soon, you just need to be a verified member at the time the competition closes on 4 December.

Do I have to be studying design at uni?

Naaaah this competition is open to everyone! UNiDAYS members of all abilities and courses are welcome. If you want to work in a creative job in the future, it’s a great way to boost your resume.

I don’t have any design software or much experience, do I stand a chance?

Hell yeah! Of course! This competition is for all levels of ability, as long as you’re a UNiDAYS member - just show your unique personality and what summer means to you.

Can I use images I’ve found online in my design?

We would prefer you to create a unique image or pattern that shows your personality, but you can use web-sourced images as long as you’ve got the correct permission/rights to use it for print production. But, just like at uni, please don’t plagiarise - it’s not cool and you could be disqualified, boo.

Can I enter more than one design?

Hells yeah! Enter as many times as you like for both the swim shorts and bikini category. However, the same winner cannot be selected for both categories, two different designers will be crowned champion.

Can I enter with a buddy?

We want to see your unique design that brings to life what summer means to you. This means we won’t be accepting joint submissions or submissions on behalf of someone else - how about you grab a coffee together instead?

In what format should I submit my design?

You can submit your design as a PNG, JPEG or PDF format, but we don’t mind how you present it. It can be anything from a digitally designed PDF to a photograph of your sketch - it’s all about showing your personality. Just make sure your file size is 10MB or under.

I’m having trouble submitting my entry

First, double check that you’ve filled in the form accurately. Your design upload should be 10MB or less, each field should be filled in and you have to agree to the competition terms and conditions. If it’s still not behaving, get in touch with UNiDAYS customer support.

When does the competition close?

4 December at 23.59pm AEDT - save the date!

How will it be judged?

  • Our panel will consider a number of factors when picking two winners, one from the swim shorts category and one from the bikini category:
  • Does your print reflect a playful yet sophisticated beach style?
  • Does it bring to life what summer means to you?
  • Does the inspiration for your design tell a great story?
  • Have we fallen head over heels in love with it?!

How many winners will there be?

The judging panel will choose a winning swim shorts design and a winning bikini design, so there will be two winners in total.

What’s the prize?

This is the competition to end all competitions, we love you guys so much there are FOUR whole prizes!

  • See your design created and sold as part of the Mosmann SS18 collection
  • A set of your designed swimwear
  • $250 to spend with Mosmann online
  • Three optional mentoring sessions with the team at Mosmann, to help launch your career in fashion

Do I have to be involved in the mentoring sessions?

The three mentoring phone calls are designed to give you some tips on working in fashion, but they are completely optional - if you don’t feel comfortable, that’s totally fine. These sessions will be with Orit Stern, head of marketing and sales for Mosmann, and are to talk about anything in the world of fashion and product design. Want to know more about the product lifecycle? How to break into fashion marketing? What Orit’s favourite pizza topping is? Go for it!

How will I know if I’ve won?

You know when that hotline bling, it can only mean one thing - you’ve won! We’ll give you a call and send you an email on 14 December, so be careful when typing your details into the online entry form. If you haven’t claimed your prize within seven days of us contacting you, the prize goes to the next runner-up, so keep your phone charged, eh?!

If I win, when will my design be sold?

Your design will be sold as part of the SS18 swimwear collection, launching August 2018. It feels a long time away, but there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work done by the Mosmann team to bring your design to life on thousands of swimwear sets!

Will I be paid/do I get a cut of the profits for my design?

You won’t be paid in cash for your design, but as part of the prize you’ll get a set to keep and $250 to spend with Mosmann online.

What are the full terms and conditions?

Glad you asked! We know they’re boring, but it’s best to give them a lil read here, so you have all the details.

If you have any more questions about the Mosmann swimwear design competition, holla at UNiDAYS customer support, they’re happy to help.


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