FAQ: Intrepid Travel blogger competition [COMP CLOSED]

OK, so you’re all like, “What, so you’re just gonna send me on an 11-day tour of Vietnam and let me run wild and free creating content?!”

Well, yes... plus, flights are covered! Our collab with the beautiful souls at Intrepid Travel is pretty much that simple, but we’re opening the floor to questions, just in case you need some more info before you opt into this stellar opportunity.

What is Intrepid Travel and why are they so damn nice?

Intrepid is a small-group adventure travel company started in 1988 by two mates from Melbourne. Modest beginnings, sure, but Intrepid now sends 100,000 travellers worldwide yearly (they offer 1,000 trips across 100 countries). Intrepid is the global leader in delivering sustainable, experience-rich travel, which means it prioritises local communities and the environment. The Intrepid Foundation is a not-for-profit fund established in 2002 by Intrepid Travel’s founders. It was set up to empower travellers to have a positive impact on the communities they visit. You can learn more about it here.

A local business that cares and loves an adventure? Count me in! Actually, am I even eligible to enter this comp?

If the bullet points below apply to you, you’re good to go!

You must:

  • Be a verified UNiDAYS member
  • Be 18 – 29 years old
  • Be a legal resident of Australia or New Zealand

The full deets and exclusions are in our terms and conditions. We know it’s about as exciting as an interstate bus ride with no earphones or reception, but it’s also pretty important, so have a read.

Eligible? >>> Enter now!

I’m not a UNiDAYS member. Is it cool if I enter?

Awks... Sorry, but this comp’s only open to verified UNiDAYS members. If you reckon you’re eligible but you’re not a member, it’s fast and free to join, so no dramas. And what have you got to lose? Worst case scenario, you get access to heaps of discounts. Join here.

Technical question: what kind of format should I submit my entry in?

Doesn’t matter, so long as you link to it in your entry form and we can view it! If you’re writing your entry out, just make sure you do it in the form.

How many winners will there be?

Just one, so throw everything you’ve got at this! We’re talking an 11-day stint on Intrepid’s 18-to-29s Essential Vietnam Tour… PLUS flights… PLUS the title of our official travel correspondent while you’re over there. H U G E.

Can I enter as many times as I like? Please?

You can only submit one entry per person, so go all-out!

Is there any reason my entry might be disqualified?

Incomplete or indecipherable entries won’t count – and if your vid isn’t viewable, we won’t be able to judge it, so keep an eye on those access permissions #sharingiscaring. One more thing: any vid over 90 seconds won’t be considered. If you’re going for a written submission, incomplete entries, offensive entries, or any entry that has been reproduced from a third party will be ineligible, so keep it fresh, clean, and original!

Righto. How is this being judged?

As our friends at Intrepid Travel put it, they’re “on the hunt for the next generation of socially conscious explorers who are handy with a camera”. Once the judges watch your audition vid or read your entry, where you explain in an amusing and adventurous way why you deserve to win, they’ll make the big call.

When does the comp close?

This comp will run from midnight (AEST) on 04 February 2019 – midnight (AEST) on 18 March 2019. Please submit your entry before the cut-off date!

How do I know if I’ve won?

The winner will be contacted via email/phone/social within five working days of the announcement date. If the winner can’t be reached or hasn’t claimed the prize within seven days, the judges will select another winner.

Aight, one last Q: Can I collab with a buddy on my entry?

You can’t enter with a friend or on behalf of anyone else—this comp is all about you, superstar.

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