Earth Day: Our eco-friendly brands to help restore the earth

For Earth Day we’ve pulled together a list of UNiDAYS partners which have sustainable products, ranges and initiatives, check them out below.

THE ICONIC - 25% Off

"When clothes end up in landfill, they take many years to break down in the environment, creating unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. We have partnered with Salvos Stores and Australia Post to help address clothing waste. By providing you with a pre-paid postage label you can donate your pre-loved clothes at any time, so that someone else can love and wear them. Your donations will also help Salvos Stores fund programs that assist people dealing with homelessness, addiction, emergency situations and family violence."

Glassons - 10%

"Our sustainability framework has been built around the pledge, Made with Care. Made with Care puts voice to our responsibility to bring affordable fashion to our customers both ethically and sustainably. Our creative vision and daily decision making are centred around our 3 pillars; People, Planet & Product.

We believe it’s our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and support our people, while ensuring quality sustainable products are accessible and affordable to our customers. By the end of 2020 we achieved our target with 30% of our Glassons range being sustainably sourced, and we continue on our journey to reach 50% by the end of 2021."

Flora and Fauna 15% Off 15% off Plastic-Free, Refillable and Reusable

"We, at Flora & Fauna, find products and solutions that are better....better for us, better for animals and better for the planet. Everything is vegan, ethically sourced, cruelty-free and low impact."

inkl - Special student subscription

"Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing humanity today. As such, it’s vital we stay informed on the many ways it’s impacting our planet, and any potential solutions there might be. That’s why we’ve built an entire section full of environmental news on our app. It’s filled with ad-free articles from 100+ of the world’s best publishers, such as Financial Times, The Economist, and so much more. Plus, it allows you to avoid buying a countless amount of wasteful newspapers."

Pangaia - 30% Off Selected Items

The beautiful tracksuits from Instagram! The planet is at the core of everything Pangaia does, which is why they wanted to show their appreciation and celebrate Mother Earth through a special capsule collection. The pieces serve as a reminder to think planet-first in everything we go, and take care of the planet as it takes care of us. Read more here or shop now with 30% Off these selected items.

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