Dates For One

It’s about DAMN time you tune into yourself and treat yourself to some much needed LOVING! Take yourself out, explore the town, go on your wishlist spree, travel to the country - the possibilities are endless! And ‘cause we know there are SO many options, we thought we’d provide you with some ideas to get the self-love ball rolling.

Solo Date Ideas;

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Movie & A Feed

What do you do when your friends or S.O. doesn’t want to watch the film you want to? Embrace your love for niche genres or the latest superhero update by purchasing a ticket for one. Buy ALL the snacks you’ve ever wanted, enjoy the big screen display and then treat yourself to your favourite meal after.

Cafe Hopping

Aesthetics just live in your DNA at this point, you get compliments on your ‘fits and Insta feed on the daily, so why not delve even deeper into your true calling by cafe hopping around your city? Google the cutest cafes in your area, take your books and make your study sessions a vlogger's dream. Treat yourself to luxe coffee and get your work done - we love duality!

Check Out A Local Show

Never been to a theatre show or concert by yourself before? Now’s the perfect time! We know going to a concert alone can be a little scary but we recommend; wearing appropriate footwear (try boots), checking out the bag/bottle requirements, clearing space on your phone, and figuring out a safe way home because these things do finish at odd times. And if you’re going to a theatre show make sure you dress accordingly - formal if it’s an opera or ballet and casual if it’s a local play. Prep yourself so you can have the BEST time ever 🤩

Spa Time

Destress in the most soothing way possible. Block out time in your day and get yourself to the best spa in town! Get that massage, enter steam rooms and immerse yourself in this new zen world. Leave reality behind for a few hours and ascend to your calm paradise.

Shopping Spree

So, you’ve just received your pay-check and you want to SPLURGE? Well, you’ve come to the right place then, ‘cause we got discounts that cover both in-store and online shopping therapy. Before you start your buying spree, become an UNiDAYS member and unlock 100s of deals that’ll help with this treat yourself trip. Live out your material girl dreams with no regrets!

We hope you’re doing everything you can to make this year YOUR era. Starting off with solo dates is definitely a fantastic starting point. Tag us on Insta if you do embark on any of these self-love activities - we’d love to see 🤩

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