Best Job Interview Outfits for Different Industries

Just before you started taking all those classes, you most likely stressed over what to wear every day. Soon enough, you’ve realized that your trusty pair of jeans, simple t-shirts, and bottom-downs would be more than enough to be stylish as well as comfortable for exams and classes alike. However, now that the time has come to impress your first potential employer, it’s best to do some research and come up with effortless, comfortable options that will boost your confidence and make a great first impression.

Keeping in mind that most companies have different dress codes, it’s also important to note that most employers don’t expect you to figure out every rule well before you start working with them. However, the more thought you put into their niche, the better your chances are to impress them! Let’s take a look at some of the most common outfit tips for several of the most sought-after positions among your fellow students!

Smart, yet casual for marketing gurus.

First of all, marketing, both traditional and digital, is a very competitive industry, and the need for creative thinkers is on the rise. For some companies that are trying to build a reputation, every single person they hire needs to reflect the image of the company they represent, and your attire is a major part of that image. It’s best to always do your homework on the company you wish to work in, which will give you a much better idea as to what to wear. However, some general rules of thumb apply both for ladies as well as gents in the world of marketing.

Unless you’re heading to an interview with a super-casual company, think in terms of clean, neat attire that is form-fitting and of neutral hues. Women can’t go wrong with a pair of trousers and a blouse, while a single statement piece such as a necklace can help you bring your personality to the look. Men, on the other hand, can work with fitted pants, depending on how casual the workplace is, and a classic button-down paired with a watch.

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ASOS Design Tux Midi Dress

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ASOS DESIGN 2 pack slim chinos in dark blue & grey save

Level up your basics for the IT role

When you look at today’s most famous, successful people in the world of tech, such as Mark Zuckerberg, you’ll notice that they mostly wear unimposing, business casual combinations. Nothing too flashy, striking, or attention-grabbing. Since most IT companies are actually very simple when it comes to their dress-codes, you can work with the same principle in mind. Also, since this is one of the most competitive industries out there, you should keep comfort in mind so that you can focus on nailing the interview.

For starters, gentlemen need to find comfortable men’s underwear that will provide enough support and that are made of breathable materials. Ladies, use the same logic and you’ll have the perfect foundation of comfort to build your outfit from there. Dark jeans and a crisp white button-down are a perfect duo for men, while women can opt for flats instead of heels (comfort first, remember?) and a non-wrinkle blouse with dark-hued jeans. Pro tip for gals: you shouldn’t go overboard with makeup. Instead, choose minimal items such as mascara and lip balm for a clean, neat look.

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ASOS DESIGN tapered jeans in dark wash

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ASOS DESIGN Balloon leg boyfriend jeans in dark wash blue

Give your style an artsy twist for a creative job

When you wish to work in a company that prides itself on its creative, artistic spirit, or you’re about to apply for a position at an art gallery – you want to let them know you’re a kindred spirit. After all, what you manage to whip up for your outfit will be a reflection of your own inner sense of creativity and artistic self-expression. However, you still need to strike a fine balance of professional, appropriate, and authentic. This is a great opportunity to add a vibrant, but classy color for the interview. A touch of royal blue or ultraviolet can give you the right touch of “unconventional” without pushing any boundaries. However, interesting, asymmetric cuts are another wonderful way to bring out your persona through your outfit. Women can easily impress their interviewers in a pencil skirt of an interesting hue paired with a textured short-sleeved blouse. Men, on the other hand, can go for a creative tie or a watch in order to achieve a similar effect.

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Warehouse midi pencil skirt with double button detail in black

Mind the details in the world of architects

You’re a problem-solver and a builder at heart, and you wish to infuse the modern world with your own sense of urban beauty. Even if eccentric is your style in terms of architecture, this is not the time to impose that attitude through your attire. In fact, minimalism is a great option for future architects, especially if you stick to clean monochromes such as black, gray, or navy blue. What matters the most, however, is the rest of your ensemble. Make sure that your hair is clean and neat, and the same applies to beard for men. Ladies, if you have nail polish, this is the moment to make sure it’s neutral (pastels are a wonderful choice to soften a black suit), and well-applied.

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Glassons Cropped Straight Leg Pant

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Power suit for a career in finance

If fashion and business could ever have a love child, that would be the power suit. Beloved by designers, celebrities, as well as every single person with a sense of style, this winning outfit is by far the top choice for almost any job interview out there. Still, when it comes to casual opportunities where culture isn’t as strict and formal, the power suit would simply be too much.

When it comes to finance, however, there is no such thing as being overdressed! If you don’t have the budget for the pricy, tailor-made suit, then a combination of black trousers, a tucked-in shirt, and a matching jacket is more than enough to leave the best impression. The shirt can be an off-white hue or even a bolder tone such as maroon to bring some contrast to such formal attire. Either way, this unisex combo is a winning choice for a career in finance.

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Ted Baker Tailored Fit Bright Blue Pindot Suit

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Glassons Crop Check Blazer

Brace yourself for the world of challenges and competition, and make sure that your outfit speaks volumes of your character as well as your ability to dress for success. Use these tips, and every future interview will be much easier to handle, so that you can focus on the questions, without worrying about the attire.

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