9 Current Media Faves

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Tell me I’m NOT adorable

Y’all asked for media recs, SO HERE THEY ARE!! My faves of the month cover everything from TV shows to the most obscure books, ‘cause I’m all about looking at the latest releases and the should-be classics.

TV Shows

Peaky Blinders

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Crime, Drama, Intense

Thomas Shelby rules over Birmingham, but not in the most legal of ways 😅Mafia family ties are ALWAYS strong, but what happens when they get tested due to the life he leads?


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AUSSIE (support our local art!), Comedy, Insightful

Liv, a complete workaholic who never turns off, is forced to rethink her entire life after a health scare and a lost visa. She tries to fast-track her health by starting her new wellness journey, comedy and chaos follow.


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Workplace, Comedy, Aussie

Wondered how it is to work in government but NOT in parliament? This show gives you EVERYTHING, and we’re sure you’ll relate to some, or ALL, of the frustrations that arise. Follow Tony and his team in their everyday office lives.


Girl’s Revenge

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Taiwanese, Mystery, Social Issues

After a new transfer student enters, Yun-heng, we learn that she has more than meets the eye.

She jumps to defend her friend who has a terrible video circulated, but as she tries to take it down, Yun-heng finds resilience from the school and dodgy peers alike.

Who spread the video? Why aren’t people helping out? Who really is Yun-heng?

Dream House

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Horror, Suspenseful, PLOT-TWIST

A psychological thriller featuring Daniel Craig, that’s right 007 - you know you’re in for a 🔥ride!

So the story goes like this - a family moves into a seemingly perfect house, but soon come to learn of brutal crimes that happened with the previous residents. Sounds like pretty standard horror… right? 👀


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German, Dystopian, Psychological

In this world, time is the currency but I’m sure you can imagine how that can go downhill fast. Our protagonist is a proud time-gather who has his entire world turned upside down when his wife has to give away 40 years of her life.


The Other Black Girl

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Political, Satirical, Thriller

Nella, the ONLY Black employee at Wagner Books, is thrilled when Hazel, new Black co-worker, joins the company. But… it doesn’t take too much time for things to hit the fan - Nella starts to receive threatening messages.

Is Hazel doing this? Is Nella losing it? Also, WTH is up with this company??

We love a genre-defying mind-twist 🙏

The Family Upstairs

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Thriller, Crime, Mystery

Okay so, I guess it’s kinda obvious I’m on a Thriller kick atm WHOOPS 😈 This book tells the story of two entangled families who reside in a house that is MADE of secrets.

Oh, and it starts off with detectives finding three decomposing corpses in the kitchen with a note that says “They've been dead for several days.” Good luck trying to take a break while reading 👀

Batman Who Laughs

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Comic Book, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi

We all know Batman, but what would happen if he was half Joker? Strap in, ‘cause you’re about to experience an amazing dissection of morales and stunning visuals 🤡

Well, look at that I gave you recs that AREN’T Barbie OR Oppenheimer - you’re welcome!

✨THANKS FOR READING, can’t wait to see you ALL next time ✨

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