8 reasons to go to Central America

Central America, the skinny slip of land linking its north and south neighbours, is –literally – so hot right now. With epic ancient ruins, cloud forests and sinkholes you can swim in (yuh huh) to finger-lickingly-good food, fiery condiments and refreshing rum cocktails, Central America is a spicy slice of heaven. Don’t Belize us? Here are eight top reasons to head to the world’s most famous isthmus, right now.

It’s the original Grand Designs.

The Mayas, Aztecs and Incas were an industrious bunch. Between them, they left behind a swag of ye olde treasures for us to explore. Central America alone boasts 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites – ancient ruins, Colonial cities, national parks and some of the most incredible archaeological gems you’ll ever clap eyes on.

Where else can you walk up a volcano, stroll in the clouds and swim in a cenote?

Urmm, nowhere, that’s where! In Costa Rica, hike up the active Arenal Volcano (in the evening, you can often see bright red lava shooting into the night sky) or wander above the canopy of trees in Monteverde’s cloud forest. If you prefer your nature ‘cerulean’, head to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and dive into a cenote, a natural swimming hole inside a cave.

It’s got SUPER nice beaches.

Think you know beaches? You don’t until you’ve stretched out on the sand beneath the cliff-top Maya ruins at El Castillo in Tulum, watched the sunset over the water with three friendly dogs at your side in El Cuco or snorkel about like it ain’t no thang in Caye Caulker. Beach, please.


One word. Sloths.

Along with its (much larger) neighbour South America, Central America is the birthplace of the sloth, everyone’s favourite super-slow Bradypodidae. Enough said.

You’ll get some amazing photos

What else does a combo of nature, ancient ruins, beautiful beaches and super-cute wildlife lend itself to? That’s right: double-tap-worthy holiday snaps. Watch the Instagram likes roll in, my friends.

Eating corn-based everything

Tacos, tortillas, quesadillas, hot tamales, poporopo and, of course, straight-up barbecued corn on the cob. The Mayas knew it as a ‘gift from the gods’, and after eating your way through everything Central America has to offer, you’ll be nodding your head in agreement.

And when you’ve had enough of that…

There are plenty of other delicious feasts to tuck into. Frijoles and fried plantains in Guatemala, baho – a banana-leaf bowl of pork, boiled yucca and salad – in Nicaragua, or a casado – pretty much a bowl with the lot – in Costa Rica. Enjoy with an ice-cold cerveza or a glass or two of rum.   

You’ll be king/queen of the d-floor

If there’s one thing those Central Americans do well (apart from building amazing temples in the middle of the jungle, cooking great food and inventing delicious cocktails), it’s dancing. Hit the club and try your hand feet at some salsa, rumba, cha cha cha or samba.


Want to practise your Espanol on a jaunt through Central America? Check these out!

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