7 ways to be kinder to yourself at uni

University should be exciting, stimulating and productive! For some, the temptations of new-found freedom and independence can lead to excessive partying and over-indulging. For others, the opportunity to study is taken so seriously that it dominates life, causing unnecessary stress and pressure. Follow some of these tips to establish a healthy balance and get the most out of your time at university.

1. Ask for help

If you don’t understand something, immediately communicate your problems with your lecturer. They will be happy to explain whatever is unclear to you. Good communication is essential to avoid the stress that can follow when you are unable to understand a further part of the course. Do not be afraid to look for help - your tutors and lecturers are there to assist you and make your study experience as smooth and productive as possible.

2. Set up a sensible study routine

At the end of your study sessions, dedicate some time to reviewing everything you have learnt that day - note the most important parts to remember. Constant self-reviewing will curb the habit of waiting until just before exams to cram desperately and ensure that you can complete your course with ease.

3. Exercise

Always include exercise in your daily activities. Even if you are not into sports and choose not to join a university sports team, exercise is still very important, and does not have to take the form of a sport or a gym workout. Something as simple as bouncing on a trampoline for half an hour can provide a mobility workout that can improve your coordination, concentration and general health.


4. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Give yourself time off from studying to relax, exercise, and enjoy your time with other students. While studying is the most important part of attending university, this time also allows you to develop social skills which are equally important to your development.

5. Be yourself

Don’t be afraid to be you. At university, you’ll find all types of people with different capabilities and weaknesses. Do not be tempted to compare yourself with others – every person excels in a different way. Take this opportunity to discover your own peculiar talents and abilities and to discover your weaknesses. Do not try to compete with others: you are special and unique.

6. Care for yourself

Listen to and observe your body and mind. Try your best to eat a varied diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoiding fast foods and other grease-laden options. Make sure that you are getting enough quality sleep.

7. Care for the environment

The future of planet depends on you keeping yourself environmentally aware. Make recycling and reusability a part of your life and encourage other people to do the same. Try your best to research how things such as your food, cosmetics, or shampoo are processed, and choose to use products that are responsibly and sustainably made – without worker mistreatment or animal testing.

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