7 must have travel gadgets

Heading away on your hols? Or after a kick-ass pressie for that travel addict, everyone has in their lives? Look no further than these 7 must-have travel gadgets.

Portable Power Bank

Technology has become an integral part of any adventure, with electronic gadgets making many aspects of travel both simple and enjoyable. Maybe you’ll need Google Maps to help you find your hotel. Or perhaps you can’t relax on the beach without a good ebook.

Whatever it is, the last thing you want is to be running out of power at the crucial moment. A power bank allows you to charge your devices on the go keeping you entertained and out of trouble at all times.

Selfie Stick

Love them or loathe them, selfie sticks are now a normal part of everyday life. And even if grudgingly, you have to admit they can be pretty handy in many situations for catching that perfect Instashot. They’re an inexpensive yet effective solution to one of millennial life’s most pressing problems. So invest in a decent quality stick that will survive the rigours of travel.

Filter Water Bottle

No one wants to spend valuable vacay time getting intimately acquainted with the toilet bowl. And yet in many countries, drinking the local tap water will have you bathroom-bound quicker than you can figure out how to spell diarrhoea.

Instead of buying endless single-use plastic water bottles that will clog up our oceans, invest in a good filter water bottle. You can fill up from almost any water source and be safe in the knowledge that what you’re drinking is 99.99% contaminant free.

Packing Cubes

Finding stuff in a backpack or case can be an absolute nightmare if it’s all just lumped in together. Nothing is where you packed it and it’s inevitable you have to delve right to the bottom to pull out that one thing you really need. If you prefer a bit more organisation, then packing cubes are for you. They keep all of your clothes and belongings neatly packed away in their own compartments, kind of like a travelling wardrobe or chest of drawers.

Bluetooth Speaker

Fancy banging out some tunes on the beach, or getting the party started round the hotel pool? Even if it’s just to provide some background music for getting ready to go out in the evening, don’t go anywhere without a Bluetooth speaker.

The best ones for travelling with are shockproof and waterproof meaning you can take and use them safely no matter where you go. And a relatively small one can pack a powerful punch without busting your baggage allowance.

Mini Luggage Scales

Will it, or won’t it? Guessing whether your bag’s going to cost you a hefty sum in excess baggage fees is a common travellers’ game. And even the odd kilo or two could quickly kill your credit score.

Unless you’re a serious gym rat then you probably have zero clue what 20kg feels like in your hands. Rather than play rucksack roulette when you get to the airport scales, take the stress out of your journey with a set of mini luggage scales.

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