6 Festival Must-Haves

Have you thought about what you’re taking to your upcoming festival?  From a tent (whether you're camping) to festival fancy dress, we’ve compiled a list of must-have items you’ll want to add to your shopping list ASAP!

1. Camping Chair

Article_Festival_1 It might seem like an unnecessary item to be carrying around but, noting beats a good sit-down in the sun, listening to the thumping bass-line of whoever's playing this early in the dance tent.

2. Henna Kit

Article_Festival_6 Ladies, grab yourself a henna kit from Namaste Collective and get creative, also you could end up making some big bickies if people want you to do theirs!

3. Neon Body Paint

Article_Festival_5 Need I say more? It wouldn't be a festival without some neon paint.

4. Bum Bag

Article_Festival_4 An obvious choice for carrying all of that neon paint and a hip flask of course.

5. Novelty Sunglasses

Article_Festival_3 If you're not so much into going all out for fancy dress, just pick up a couple of pairs of novelty sunglasses.

6. Hip Flask

Article_Festival_2 Yup, and it's shaped like a banana so they'll never suspect a thing!

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