6 beach beauty essentials

Summer beauty seems like a dream in our imaginations. Tanned skin, super smooth hair, glossy lips and gorgeous bronzed cheeks amongst other beauty-based amazingness. But, in reality, summer skin isn't always tanned, hair can be unruly and dry and makeup basically melts off as soon as you apply it. Never fear, 10% off Sephora is your beauty fairy Godmother this summer! Here are 6 products that can make your summer beauty regimes a little easier.

1. Tan, tan, tan

If being tanned is your ultimate aim this summer but you're not blessed with easily-bronzed skin or you're concerned about the side-effects of too much tanning then all you need to do is fake it until you make it! Now, we're not talking horrible and orange like Paris & Nicole from The Simple Life, we're talking Amazonian goddess bronze.

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Products like the Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines All Over Body Bronzer and Sephora's Gradual Tan Body Lotion are great for developing a tan over the course of a few nights. The Benefit tan is instant, lasts 12 hours and is perfect for a one-day only tan! Easy to wash off if you make a mistake and non-transferable. Equally, the Sephora Gradual Tan Body Lotion is great for a natural looking tan that you can build up over a few days. Finally, once you've got your base tan, applying some Sephora Illuminating Bronzing Oil can give you that coveted Victoria's Secret model glow to your limbs. This makes your skin look like pure honey and smells incredible. Hello, tanned, moisturised and golden.

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2. Unmeltable makeup

The worst thing about summer is looking awesome before you leave the house when you've put your makeup on underneath aircon and then as soon as you walk outside, it all melts off. The way to combat this is to wear as little as possible and to make what you wear super long-lasting.

For unmovable brows, the Benefit Ready Set Brow Clear Brow Gel is an invisible setting gel that holds brows in place all day. Pop over your usual eyebrow pencil, powder or pomade for extra lasting brows.

Unmeltable makeup

Adding colour in the summer can be super easy, this dual-action Becca Beach Tint in Grapefruit is really blendable and can be used as a cheek and lip stain. It's available in loads of amazing colours but the coral shade of Grapefruit is my personal favourite. It's oil-free and has antioxidant vitamin E that's great for soothing skin. Finally, the Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess is a seriously stand-out product. It's super blendable and is all-matte and waterproof so this guy won't budge in the sun!

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