6 AFL snacks and treats for final fun

When the AFL finals roll round there's only one thing on our minds - who's gonna come out on top, right? Well, that and the snacks we're going to be chowing down whilst we watch the epic showdown. Here are 6 tasty treats and funky decorations that are perfectly footie themed for your finals get together.

1. Make it an occasion

Happy with your usual chips and dips as a main? No worries, but, how about an incredible cake to bring out after half time to properly wow your guests? This baby is a Pinterest dream.

2. The most epic snack stadium

This amazing dip selection is all you need for your hungry footie fans. Grab yourself two aluminium trays that are slightly smaller than a bigger tray (you'll see what we mean from the image!) Pop one smaller tray on top of the larger one and lay out all of your snacks around the edge. We're talking veggie crudités, chips, crackers, Twiglets, the lot. Next up, layer your thick dips in the shape of a footie field a la the pic and you've got a showstopper of a snack tray ready to wow.

3. AFL themed cake banners

These bad boys don't have to be limited to cakes, print off your team's colours and whack them in everything!

4. Tacos for life

A savoury, one or two bite snack is the epitome of party food in my opinion. I love a buffet and any snack that I can eat with my hands and these taco bites are awesome for a football party when you're catering for guests because who doesn't love tacos? You could even make a build your own taco station where your guest can choose their own fillings. Easy peasy.

5. Footie-ify your space

Grab yourself a green rug and some white tape and plan out that playing field - easy and effective! You could even have a mini game during half time with your mates. Or, create a smaller version and use it as a table runner for super effective decorations.

6. Football brownies!

A sweet treat to round off the day would be awesome, right? Obviously. There's always time for a brownie, especially when they're football themed. It'd be rude not to! How amazing are these? They're so easy too. Just follow your classic brownie recipe (or bake 'em out of a box!) and then ice some laces on top. Done.

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