5 Ways To Improve Your Sleep Pattern

Too many late nights and not enough sleep? Your sleep pattern, bedtime habits, food and lifestyle choices can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep. Here are 5 things that you can do to help improve your sleep pattern:

1. Zone Out From Technology

We’re all guilty of lying in bed checking social media and all of a sudden 2 hours have gone by and your planned early night has turned into a late one. Before you sleep, leave the world of social media behind make time for yourself. Relaxing before bed by reading a book, having a bath or listening to calming music will significantly improve the quality of your sleep and help you de-stress from any deadline worries.

2. Avoid Naps

Naps and being a student come hand in hand. An hour’s lecture can be tough when you’re surviving off 4 hours sleep from a big night, but try and refrain from taking a nap in the middle of the day as it makes it much harder to sleep when you’re supposed to. Your brain will be far more active and struggle to switch off, so be a trooper and go and meet with friends or do something fun in the city rather than go to bed.  

3. Be Active

If you’ve got a spare hour in the day, get you sweat on and head to the gym. Exercise can really help you sleep better as it helps to relieve stress and makes you more tired. It enables you to fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper, leaving you waking up feeling fresh! Not only will exercising a few times a week impact the quality of your sleep, it will help to improve your overall fitness whilst at uni. I recommend prioritising exercise that really increases your heart rate such as HIT workouts, boxing classes or cardio to feel the real benefits.

4. Get Comfortable

It’s important to have a room that is dark, quiet and comfortable to ensure you sleep well. In shared student accommodation this is easier said than done as friends might disturb you in the night or your bed might not be as comfortable as home but invest in comfy pillows and cushions and get yourself a sleep mask.

5. Avoid Eating Late

They might seem like the best idea you’ve ever had at the time, but those 3am kebabs are a recipe for a bad night’s sleep. Avoid eating anything heavy after 8pm as going to sleep on a full stomach can disturb your sleep pattern as your body struggles to digest it. It’s also important to avoid certain food and drink before you sleep such as high sugar fruit, junk food, coffee or alcohol which can keep you awake for hours.  

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