5 ways to boost your productivity whilst studying from home

It's been weird times for us all lately. We know you're staying safe and studying from home in this period, but it also means that procrastination can strike at any moment.

Once you’re in its grasp, it’s tough crawling out of that vortex of ‘What Cheese Are You?’ quizzes and TikTok prank vids.

So, here are five ways to ensure you’re being as productive as you can be whilst you're at home

1. Make better lists

Take a step back from your gigantic, overwhelming to-do list. Do you really need to do everything on this list today? If the answer’s no (it usually is), reorder the tasks in order of priority/deadlines.

Best case scenario: you finish all your Today stuff and get a head start on future tasks!

Now, if the answer’s ‘Yes, I need to do everything RIGHT NOW and I hate it don’t TALK to me’, break the day down into points with sub-tasks assigned to it. For example, if the main thing you need to do is write an essay, break it down into ‘research’, ‘writing’, ‘proofreading’, editing’, ‘referencing’.

By making things more manageable and specific, your list will be longer, sure, but won't actually be as daunting. Plus, every time you get a subtask done, that’s another thing you get to check off the list, which is good for morale and momentum!

2. Plan ahead

Having a bad/rushed morning is often the first step to having an unfocused/unproductive day.

If you've spilt your coffee, can’t find anything to wear, lost your keys, and are running late, the omens are that it’s gonna be a bad day.

But, what if, the night before, you made your lunch for the next day, planned your outfit, and packed your bag? You’re a step ahead for tomoz and Future You thanks you.

3. Go hard, early

Most of us are most productive and work hardest in the morning when we’re at our freshest. If this is you, tackle that big thing you're putting off first/the tasks that kinda suck early.

The best part is the easier tasks are now left for the arvo, when you're likely to feel more chilled (translation: lazy af) and you don’t have that nagging feeling in the back of your brain that there’s still THAT THING I RLY DO NOT WANNA DO left to do.

4. Get mute

If you’re checking your emails every two minutes, scrolling through socials a shitload, and jumping from task-to-task with each new breath, it’s going to take you so much longer to get stuff done than if you were working solidly on it.

Every time you switch tasks it takes time for your brain to readjust and refocus, so either mute notifications or go for Airplane Mode or just turn off your phone. We know it’s tough but be strong.

5. Time for an upgrade?

You've worked hard for it, your old laptops been working hard and maybe it's time to treat yourself to a new gadget that'll surely put some pep in your step whilst you're trying to be as productive as you can. Staying connected is more important than ever when it comes to school work and a new lappy or some headphones will hopefully get you going in the right direction, plus, you're probably spending way more time on a screen than before, so it may as well be a new one?

If you're thinking of upgrading, we've rounded up some killer discounts so you don't break the bank.

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