5 super fresh salad recipes

Salads are ideal for quick dinner - light, fresh and bursting full of flavour! But you want something a little bit more exciting than lettuce, cucumber and tomato, right? We gotcha. Check out these 5 delicious salad recipes, all of which are really easy to whip up.

1. Avocado quinoa salad

Super healthy? Check. Super tasty? Check. This salad is packed full of nutritional goodness and can be rustled up in only 3 simple steps using basic ingredients you’ve probably already got in your cupboard. Winner.

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2. Chicken fajita salad

It’s time to get spicy! This salad is the perfect mix of crunchy, spicy, creamy and zingy. This one will take a little longer to prep but it’s so worth it - just look at all that colour!

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3. Classic macaroni salad

Of course, we couldn’t miss the opportunity of including a bit of cheese. Packed full of peppers, celery, red onion and carrots, this salad is perfect as a lunch or as a side dish with your main meal. Comforting and delicious. What more could you want?

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4. Berry watermelon fruit salad

Salad doesn’t just have to just be veg, we’re all about that fruit salad life too. All you need to make this bowl of berry goodness is watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries and a squeeze of lime juice. All the berries basically. This will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

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5. Tropical fruit salad

This recipe takes tropical to the next level. Instagram-worthy or what? In just 4 steps you can whip up this masterpiece, plus this recipe even comes with a step-by-step picture guide, so it’s super easy to make. All the tropical vibes coming your way!

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