5 reasons why pizza is life

Hell yeah, it’s pizza month (believe it or not)! I’m a major pizza lover... ‘cause there’s nothing better than catching up with your mates over a nice cheesy pizza and a couple of your fave drinks. To celebrate this uh-maze-ing month we’re taking a look at why pizza is so great.

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1. It’s cheesy af

If you like cheese you’ve gotta be loving pizza! Mozzarella, goats cheese, ricotta… you name it, you can put it on a pizza.

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2.You can have all the toppings

Whether you’re a meat eater or veggo lover, there’s room for everyone in this world of wonderful pizza.

3. There’s a 🍕 emoji

Totally the best emoji there is.

4. It’s perfect for sharing

If you’re feeling generous, there’s always the option to share a pizza. But who would want to do that?

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5. You can have pizza on your socks

The only socks you’ll ever need. Thanks ASOS.

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6. The ultimate pizza recipes

All that BBQ chicken goodness.

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