5 reasons to intern this summer

So you want to spend your summer interning? Although it could all coffee runs and minute taking, the experience you get from Interning is key to developing your resume, your opportunities and your professional identity.  Check out these top 5 reasons why a summer internship could be the way to go.

1. Experience is everything

Getting the appropriate experience for your career path is so important, especially when you're a grad among a thousand other grads trying to apply for the same job.  the benefit of having that additional experience as an intern means that you are set apart from the other hundred-or-so applicants.  If different working opportunities come up during your internship, don't say no, get all the relevant experience you can and don't be afraid to ask questions whether you're unsure or what to know more, showing interest even when you're not interested looks good for sure!

2. It's not what you know, it's who you know

One great thing about internships is the contacts you can make.  Connect with your temporary colleagues on Linkedin, even those that you never speak to; connections = good! Plus don't forget to ask your colleagues to endorse your skills on your Linkedin page, potential employers always look for a good Linkedin account.  Your new contacts could also come in super handy for job references and even helping you seek out future employment.  So don't forget to smile and offer to make coffee in the office from time to time to keep them really sweet.

3. Your dream job? You might not like it!

Another great thing about taking on an internship is that it gives you the chance to find out whether your dream job really is for you.  The truth is, you might not like it, but at last you will have found out before sending out hundreds of resumes to a job you thought you wanted.

4. Opportunities are key

Go above and beyond your daily tasks as an intern, say yes to every opportunity and work with a positive attitude.  All of these things could lead to you being secured a job in the company when you finish university, and if you really enjoyed the internship, that's a pretty awesome bonus!

5. Hello professional identity!

Taking on an internship will allow you to really find your professional identity.  Use this experience to develop your work habits, confidence and to determine what motivates you in your career path.  

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