5 new sports to try after you have had your footy fix

Now that it’s finals season and we’re coming to the end of this year’s footy we thought what better than to serve up some new sporting options that you can try your hand at. Although… there is still a promising women’s season ahead to get along and watch!

1. Lacrosse

First up, the fastest game on two feet…. lacrosse, and yes that is it’s official title (along with it being the national sport of Canada). There are hubs of lacrosse in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and a growing network in Sydney to give you plenty of options to give the sport a go. Played with a lacrosse stick and a bit of padding for the men (and only a mouthguard for the women) it sometimes described as a bit like “hockey but in the air”. It is definitely not just a sport featured in American College movies considering Australia is currently ranked 4th in the world.

2. Beach Handball

Next is Beach Handball, set to debut at the Youth Olympic games in 2018. An adaption of European handball, the game is played on a sand ‘court’ with two teams of three. It involves some out of this world trick shots that will make you think the teams have been training as gymnasts as well as handball players. With the sun coming out soon and the promise of days at the beach not far off this is definitely worth a try!

3. Roller Derby

Or how about Roller Derby? It came to our attention when Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore smashed through our screens in Whip It but it has been growing in Sydney since 2007. There are leagues all over Australia so you can get amongst it. Racing around a track at high speeds while trying to outmanoeuvre others when there is heavy contact involved sounds like way too much fun. If you have been wanting to break out the skating skills you picked up as a kid it is your time to shine.

4. Ultimate Frisbee

Fourth on the list is one that is pretty popular already but definitely a favourite, Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate is a fast paced, mixed gender game played on a pitch slightly narrower than a soccer field. It prides itself on not having a referee and the responsibility for fair play falls to the individual player. And yes, there is an option to play this at the beach too, winning!

5. Quidditch

Or you know, why not try Quidditch, if it is good enough for Harry it is good enough for us! Rather than flying (although we secretly wish we could) you are running around a field with a broomstick between your legs. There is a seeker whose aim is to catch a marathon runner (equivalent of a Golden Snitch) and beater’s who aim to take out other players by throwing balls at them. If the fact that it is Harry Potter themed hasn’t convinced you to play then just know that there are teams all over Australia, and we are currently ranked number one in the world.

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