5 books to read before you see the movie

I feel like everyone's in agreement when I say that 90% of books are better than their movie remake, with the added detail which some movies fail to replicate and page-turning suspense, it's a lot easier to find yourself gripped to a good novel than it is a movie.  Here are five books that you should get stuck into over the summer period before you watch the blockbuster remake. Plus you can now get 10% off when you buy these popular novels online at Booktopia!

1. Gone Girl

Although the film release of this best selling novel was only a few years ago and boy did it blow up! This thriller is the perfect poolside treat this summer.  This US number 1 best selling novel focuses on two main characters, a couple that should be celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary, however when Nick Dunne's wife suddenly disappears the police immediately suspect him.  As the story unfolds it is revealed that Amy, Nick's wife, was afraid of him and what he might do to her.  As the plot thickens and dramatic twist arises which I won't tell you about otherwise there's simply no point in you picking up a copy of the book for summer.  Like what you're reading? Get your copy here.

2. The Girl On The Train

Next up, The Girl On A Train! Here at UNiDAYS HQ, we're waiting very patiently for the film adaptation to be released (literally counting down the days!).  Since it's not out yet, this gives you the perfect amount of time to pick up the book and get in on the hype!  The Girl On A The Train is a psychological thriller based around a commuter train into London, Rachel catches the same train every morning to a job she no longer has.  Staring out the window while stuck at the same signal each morning, Rachel starts to feel as though she knows the people who live in one of the houses, Jess and Jason.  But when she witnesses Jess with another man in the same house, Rachel feels the fantasy slip away.  And when Jess goes missing, Rachel could be the only person who can help, but will anyone believe her?

3. Silence Of The Lambs

We all know the film is an absolute classic and if you have seen it, maybe it's time to read where the blockbuster was born.  The book is focuses on FBI trainee Clarice Starling, who is given the task by head of FBI's Behaviour Division to interview Hannibal Lecter, a notorious serial killer and cannibal who is serving nine life sentences at a mental institution for a series of murders.  Hoping that Lecter can provide them insight into the work of a serial killer dubbed "Buffalo Bill", he sends Clarice on a wild and very creepy goose chase in order to hunt down Buffalo Bill.  Regarded as "A brilliant, superbly crafter thriller" by James Herbert, this book is a suspense-filled page turner, pick up your copy for a not-so-light summer ready here.

4. The Shining

An old one, but a classic all the same! Stephen King is a classic author in my opinion, and one that you should definitely give your time to at least once in your life.  I was torn between Carrie and The Shining with this one.  Nonetheless, both books are worth a read, however I'm guilty of favouritism so The Shining it is! Jack Torrence, aspiring writer and recovering alcoholic starts a new job as an off-season caretaker at the atmospheric Overlook Hotel. Taking his family up to the idyllic location, including his son Danny who possesses "The Shining", Jack sees this opportunity as a fresh start. However, as winter takes full swing, the so-called idyllic location takes a turn for the worst as dark forces start gathering influencing Jack's sanity and leaving his wife and Danny in extreme danger.  A great read indeed, although I wouldn't recommend reading it before going to sleep as it's pretty scary.  Even so, pick up your copy here and don't forget you can save 10%!

5. The Da Vinci Code

Any movie with a serious Tom Hanks role is a good movie, and the book is equally as gripping.  Full of clever twists and thrills, The Da Vinci Code is regarded as the record-breaking bestseller.  When the Louvre curator is fatally shot one night in the museum, a ring of codes are left around his body drawn in blood.  It's now down to Professor Robert Langdon to uncover the long-kept secret that Jacques Saunière was protecting, but will he uncover it before the killers do? Find out what happens by picking up your copy of Dan Brown's best-seller here.

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