5 awesome things to do for Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a big deal! It's actually cold enough to get snuggy, drink hot chocolate and be inside without feeling guilty about not taking advantage of the weather like in December. It's time to get fake festive and we are all over it. Here are 5 things to do this July to celebrate Christmas. Let's hope the big guy comes down the chimney!

1. Have a Secret Santa exchange

Obviously, Christmas in July doesn't have to be as expensive as actual Christmas so a Secret Santa exchange is the perfect way to give gifts on a budget. This is a Christmas classic and has to be done! Grab your family or your group of friends and decide on your budget.

Stick to a fairly small budget of around $10, pick names out of a hat and go shopping for your chosen person! Remember to keep it a secret from the person that you've got to buy for. You could even try to DIY your gift for that homemade touch! How cool are these drink bundles?

2. Make all your drinks festive

Whatever your favourite drink for a party vibe, make sure you add a stripy red and white straw and some edible glitter and they'll be instantly more festive!

3. Bake Christmas themed cookies

Sugar cookies are really easy to bake and they're also the best for icing. This recipe is for vanilla and orange cookies which sound deliciously festive!

4. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater

It just has to be done! Dig out your Christmas sweaters that are only actually wearable in July anyway, stick on some Christmas songs and have a party with your besties. Make it a competition with a prize for the worst (a.k.a most ugly!) sweater.

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5. Eat all the desserts

Christmas is the ultimate excuse to eat everything! How pretty is this chocolate, roasted almond and fresh raspberry pavlova? Stunning and perfect for individual portions which makes for easy and quicker serving of the pud!

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