4 tips for succeeding at uni

Now, I'm not talking all round uni here, we're focussing on studying in this post because you probably don't need tips on hanging out with your friends, trying new things and generally getting out there. I hope! Here are four tips to smash uni work and get those grades that you've gone there to get.

1. Understand your peak times

Everyone is different and can study best at different times, if you're best in the morning then get up a few hours before your first class and get a few hours in if you need to do some extra work. Or, if you're better late at night, do that! It's as easy as that, just find how you work best and don't let anyone else's study schedule get in your way.

2. Plan your day

When you head to uni to properly start your classes after O Week you'll have a timetable of where you need to be, when and for how long. When you've got this schedule sussed it's time to plan around whatever else you need to get done around it. Whether that's catching up with your new mates or doing your laundry, organise your time so you're not stressing about having too much to do!

Whether you use a paper diary, notebook, your iCal or Apple Notes, make sure that you're being consistent and realistic with your time. Don't forget that you can grab and awesome up to 10% discount with your UNiDAYS account with the Apple Store for Education on Mac computers, iPad, AppleCare, Apple software and some accessories. In the Apple Store for Education you'll find almost all of Apple's product line, just at better prices.

3. Learn how to prioritise

Once you've got your tasks sorted it's time to prioritise. Make sure you know which assignment is due in when and don't get into the habit of pushing deadlines and leaving things to the last minute. There's no point completing something that's due in next week before something that's due in tomorrow.

4. Take lots of breaks

There's so much research to back up the fact that you need to take breaks when you're studying, so don't get stressed out thinking that you have to study for 2 hours straight, it probably won't even work! Study for 25-45 minutes and then have a 5-10 minute break, or whatever time period works for you. It's trial and error like everything, you'll get there!

There we have it, just four quick tips to keep your studying in check to make sure that you smash uni!

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